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  • ECHO

Without a record label behind, without being played on the radio, in a self-managed and organic way, Morad has been able to infiltrate the charts as one of the most listened to artists in Spain. Cases like this show that while it sometimes feels like this is a card game where the winners are decided in advance, the public still has the power to dictate success: the 100 million views his music amassed in 2020 with hymns such as “Motorola”, “Normal” or “Yo no voy” show. 

2022 begun with Morad making history due to the impact of “Pelele” and his BZRP session. The two viral hits made him the first Spanish artist to occupy the first two positions on Spotify Spain for more than one day, although, beyond the numbers, the real value of Morad is to have positioned himself as the relief that the Spanish urban scene needed without losing the link with its roots along the way. 

His footprint is not really measured on the play counter, but at street level; sounds in the park, on the subway on the way home from work, in the car that passes with the windows down, in the corridors of high schools, with a new single running on WhatsApp from mobile phone to mobile phone: a whole generation has connected instantly with each of his releases because Morad and his audience share codes and recognize each other as equals. New times like the ones we live in demand a new type of star like Morad.

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