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All shifts for NS24 are taken!

If you want to volunteer at NorthSide, please write us at

Volunteer at NorthSide

What do I get for volunteering?

As thanks for your effort we guarantee…

| Fun, hard, and ‘hyggelige’ days with the rest of the volunteer crew.

| Access to all three days of the festival which ofc. includes lots of concerts, lots of parties, and lots of drinks (btw. you get a discount when volunteering).

| A reusable water bottle.

| Meals while you’re on shift. 

| Experience to put on your resume, and a look behind the scenes of one of the biggest music festivals in Denmark.

We look forward to seeing you at NS!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Associations at NorthSide

Are you part of an association who as a minimum can gather 15 members? And are you interested in being part of the NorthSide team as well?

We get it! It’s a blast to work, party and make memories while contributing to both your association and the community of the festival. And as a bonus you get to earn money your association. 

Fill out the form below if you wish to be contacted about the possibilities. Please remember to click the ‘I am part of an association’-box.

Associations at NorthSide