• Thursday
  • 13:00 – 14:00
  • NOVA

Straight out of rural Danish town Snekkersten comes the duo UNG-SKAB, consisting of singer Clara Rose Lundberg and singer, rapper, and producer Eigil Bjørn Meldgaard. Meeting for the first time on an unassuming fall day in 2019, they didn’t know each other that well when they suddenly found themselves in Eigil’s dad’s basement studio, embarking on what was to become both a friendship and a musical partnership resulting in dreamy youth pop sounds.

Clara Rose and Eigil, with backgrounds in acting and violin playing, respectively, released their debut single “Venter” in 2021 as a tasteful sample of an EP released later that year. Since then, they have been part of Danish music venue VEGA’s “Chosen” artists, sold out the same venue and played a well-received concert at SPOT Festival. And now, they are going first at NorthSide 2024.

The sound of UNG-SKAB is quite magical. It is Eigil’s pop, R&B and trap inspired productions alongside Clara Rose’s dreamy vocals, floating above it all with a lightness reminiscent of the feeling of being young, watching the sunset surrounded by your best friends.