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  • ECHO

From the very beginning, Royal Blood’s story has been one of two life-long friends, Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, whose shared passion for rousing, full-throttle hard rock has led them on an extraordinary adventure together. One day they were plotting how to recoup the meagre £300 they had spent on their first recording, but within a year they were at the top of UK album charts, storming Glastonbury and winning the BRIT Award for Best British Group.

Fast-forward to 2022. Typhoons had proven to be a third successful chapter in the Royal Blood tale as it completed a hat-trick of chart-topping albums (the other being 2017’s ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’), underlined by a huge UK arena tour and an array of international festival dates. 

While the recent single “Mountains At Midnight” offered a supercharged take on the old school Royal Blood prototype, the resulting album, Back To The Water Below, offers plenty of surprises without ever compromising the essence of their identity. 

The album was released in September 2023 and received great praise from NME (among other outlets) calling it “an instinctive return to their roots” in their 4 out of 5 stars review.  

When Royal Blood plays NorthSide this summer, it’ll be their first Danish play since Roskilde Festival in 2017 and their first visit at NorthSide in 10 years. 

We can’t wait!