Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are a set of guidelines for how we can all have a great festival – together!

You agree to the terms and conditions when you sign up as a volunteer. Therefore, it’s important that you read them thoroughly so you know what you’ve agreed to.

Age and work permit – I understand that:

– I must have turned 18 years old by May 25th 2024 to register as a volunteer.

– I must have a valid work permit/residence permit, if I am not a citizen in EU/EEA, Switzerland or Scandinavia.

Task, shift and information – I understand that:

– it is my own responsibility to check my e-mail and Ruby for relevant information from the festival.

– I have to read, agree, and understand the description and requirements of the task I choose before accepting the team.

– I have to read my shift times and meeting point in Ruby.

– I have to show up to all my shifts as I agreed upon.

– I check in and out by my Teamleader when my shift begins and ends.

Resign and contact – I understand that:

– I have to comply with the resign deadline of May 20th 2024. After this date, my volunteer registration becomes binding.

– I have to resign myself at my profile in Ruby if I want to resign before the deadline of May 20th.

– I must directly inform my Teamleader if I need to resign after the deadline of May 20th. I can find my Teamleader’s information in Ruby under “my teams.”

– if I have to cancel a shift and there is less than two days until my shift, it is necessary to call my Teamleader If my Teamleader is not answering I have to send a text message. My cancellation is not valid until I have received a response from my Teamleader.

– it is my own responsibility to resign correctly and that I must be able to provide proof that I have done so in accordance with the terms and conditions of the festival.

– in special cases the festival may require the presentation of a medical certificate.I am responsible for any associated costs, which will be refunded by the festival upon submission of a receipt to volunteer@northside.dk.

Deposit, fee, and blacklisting – I understand that:

– when I register, I have to pay a deposit of 300 DKK. The full deposit will be refunded after the Festival if I attend my shifts and followed the terms and conditions.

– in case I have to resign after the deadline I will lose my deposit of 300 DKK – no matter the circumstances for my cancellation.

– I may be charged a fee up to 2.700 DKK beside my deposit if I do not attend my shift without cancellation or serious violation according to to the terms and conditions. For the same reasons, I may be blacklisted as a volunteer for the festival for two years.

– there are special rules for resigning if I already received my wristband with access to the festival.

If I resign either before the festival or Thursday or Friday during the festival, I must send a picture of my cut wristband as documentation to volunteer@northside.dk with the subject “cut wristband” one hour after my resign at latest.  

If I do not comply this, the festival has the right to keep my deposit and add a fee of up to DKK 2700 as well as blacklist me.

If I resign for a shift on Saturday during the festival and/or a shift after the festival, I will receive a fee of minimum DKK 1500.

– I risk being sent to debt collection if I don’t pay my fee.

Read more about deposit and fee here.

Criminal record – I understand that:

– NorthSide may obtain and handle my criminal record if it is relevant to the task I have.

Drugs, alcohol, and violence – I understand that:

– the usage of drugs and selling drugs are forbidden at the Festival all the time. If I witness drug use or trade, I must promptly contact either my Teamleader or the security personnel on site.

– I may not arrive at my shift under the influence of any substances, and it is also not allowed to consume alcohol before or during my shift.

– I am not allowed to give anything away for free from bars/stands or elsewhere at the Festival. To hand out free things such as beer or food and cheating with change will be considered as theft and will be reported to the police.

– I am not allowed to take anything from bars/stands or elsewhere at the festival. This is considered theft and is therefore reported to the police.

– I am not allowed to bring my own beverage – it includes beverage with or without alcohol. Which means that it also includes water – I can obtain water at water stations on the site using my provided water bottle.

– fighting, threats, and similar are not accepted at the festival.

Violating and/or inappropriate behavior – I understand that:

– offensive behavior, including but not limited to racism, sexism, or homophobia, is in no way acceptable at the festival.

– if I experience violating or/and inappropriate behavior I can notice my Teamleader or security. This also includes if I feel uncomfortable as volunteer. However, I can also contact Volunteer Management directly at volunteer@northside.dk.

Insurance – I understand that:

– the festival makes an occupational injury insurance. It is my responsibility to inform my Teamleader in case of a work-related accident as soon as posible.

– my personal belongings and valuables are not covered by the festival. Therefore, it is my responsibility if I have a computer, phone, or other valuable items with me at the festival.

Press and artists – I understand that:

– I am not allowed to bring recording devices, cameras, or professional photo devices without a prior permission.

– it is forbidden to take pictures or videos of the artists, ask for an autograph, or contact them in any way. I will respect the artists’ privacy.

– all communication with the pres is handled through the management. Therefore I am not allowed to talk to the press about the festival or on behalf of the festival. If the press contacts me, I will refer them to the press department, which can be contacted at presse@downthedrain.dk.

Photography, drones, and video surveillance – I understand that:

– the festival has photographers on site who take pictures of guests and volunteers for the purpose of publishing them on the festival’s website, social media, and on the festival grounds. As a volunteer, I have the option to report pictures where I am identifiable to the festival to have them deleted if I wish.

– I will experience periods during the festival where drones will be flying around the location. These drones are approved and they follow the guidelines. All pictures are overview and atmosphere pictures. These pictures will be used to optimize our logistics and contents to marketing.

In addition to these guidelines, it is expected that you always follow common rules of good behavior and follow instructions from security personnel – they are there to take care of all of us and ensure that we all have a fantastic festival.