• Friday
  • 15:30 – 16:30

The magic of Malk De Koijn is extremely hard to describe if you’re not yet familiar with their crazy and yet enthralling universe. 

With an incredible use of the Danish language, Malk De Koijn was one of the most important Danish rap groups of the late 90s and throughout the 2000s. They released their debut album Smash Hit In Aberdeen in 1998 and presented their own universe originating in their made-up town of “Langestrand” – a mythical and magical place where everything is possible as long as you can put it into words. 

Malk De Koijn is made up by Tue Track, Geolo G, and Blæs Bukki and they’ve received great praise for every record they’ve released: From 1998’s Smash Hit In Aberdeen to the 2011 record Toback To The Fromtime. Their second studio album Sneglzilla, released in 2002, was voted the best Danish album of the 2000s by the readers of national newspaper Politiken. 

Surrender yourself to Malk De Koijn’s humorous, magical, and unbelievable musical and lyrical universe at NorthSide this summer.