• Friday
  • 13:00
  • NOVA

It’s surprisingly difficult to describe the sound of Danish artist Afskum (Danish for “scum”), and equally difficult to explain just how magical it is to see him live. 

Prince Askar – the mastermind behind this musical project – has created a truly unique sound with everything from mellow piano-lead pop songs to heavy synth rock. He uses his characteristic voice to either mumble his way through his deep and thoughtful lyrics or shout you directly in the face.

Without having released a single track, Afskum kicked off his career by playing a couple of stunning live shows. People showed up big time despite not knowing what kind of music they were about to hear, and Afskum quickly became known as one of the best new live performers in Denmark. 

The anticipation was high when he finally released his first album in the spring of 2023, which received 5/6 stars from Danish music outlet Soundvenue. 

Afskum is not scum, but rather a true force of power on the Danish music scene and we’re eager for you to experience his dark musical universe and tales of life as seen through the eyes of a young man, when he unleashes his wild energy at NorthSide.