Since the first edition of NorthSide in 2010, our goal has been to be the best on climate and environment of the major festivals. We prioritize sustainability in all aspects, and we are proud that in 2022, the festival ran on electricity from the grid for the first time and offered plant-based food.

Sustainability Report

In 2015, we introduced the first edition of an annual sustainability report. The goal is to make our ambitions, initiatives, and results visible to NorthSide’s guests and other stakeholders. In 2022, we expanded the report to include parts of our CO2 analysis, small cases, and much more. Explore it for yourself.

CO2 Analasis

Since 2019, we have had a CO2 analysis conducted by the English company A Greener Future, which specializes in CO2 analyses for large events.

In 2022, we managed to reduce emissions by a substantial 30% compared to 2019, despite having significantly more guests on the premises. Three initiatives, in particular, are responsible for the substantial reduction in the CO2 footprint: plant-based food, a notable reduction in CO2 emissions from beer provided by our partner Tuborg, and the transition from power generated by diesel generators to power from the grid.

Highly Commended Certification by A Greener Festival

Northside are delighted to announce that it has achieved the Greener Festival Highly Commended Certification 2023. 

Other facts: Sustainability at NorthSide

  • In 2019, NorthSide replaced single-use plastic cups with reusable plastic cups. 
  • In 2022, the festival became the first in Denmark to go plant-based. 
  • Since 2022, NorthSide has been powered by electricity from the grid – again the first in class.
  • In 2022, NorthSide won the awards “Byens bedste bæredygtighed” (In english: ‘The City’s Best Sustainability’), “Klimafaklen” (‘The Climate Torch’), and “Årets økopris 2022” (‘Eco Prize of the Year 2022’). 
  • Every year, NorthSide collaborates with A Greener Festival to develop a CO2 analysis.