| Partout tickets |

  • NorthSide

    Partout ticket

    Spice up your summer with a ticket for three wild days at NorthSide.
    DKK 2,395
    The price excludes service and handling fees
  • NorthSide

    Backstage partout

    Do you want your NS experience to be a bit more luxurious? With a backstage ticket in hand you’ll get access to a restricted area and nice advantages.
    DKK 3,295
    The price excludes service and handling fees

    More info to come. Limited availability.

| Installment ticket |

  • NorthSide

    Installment ticket

    Want the full NS23 experience but not all the cost at once? Split your partout ticket into four monthly installments.
    DKK 2,395
    Apart from a one-time signup fee, there are no extra fees included.

    Last chance to buy installment tickets is December 30th 2022.

    The four installment payments are:
    January 1st
    February 1st
    March 1st
    April 1st

| Gift card |

  • NorthSide

    Gift card

    Wanna be someone’s person of the year? Choose the amount for a gift card and give an epic experience to someone you know.
    DKK 50-2,500

    This gift card can only be used for purchases on Not in bars and food stalls at the festival site.