NorthSide VIP: Audi Lounge

The Audi Lounge is designed in-house and built from scratch in a wooden construction that is reused and reconstructed at the festival every year. An exclusive area that puts luxury, fun and celebration in the front seat with wine, beer and cocktail bars you won’t find anywhere else on site, free high-quality coffee, private restrooms, fully covered seating and direct views of the main stage.

Exclusive festival experience with access to the Audi Lounge 

There are many benefits associated with having access to the Audi Lounge. One of them is Audi’s Shuttle Service, which allows you to be transported directly to the festival site in Audi’s electric e-tron cars – for free. You will be picked up in the Aarhus city center at one of the selected pick-up points and given a ride to the festival, where you have unlimited access to the Audi Lounge, which includes:

  • Direct view of the main stage
  • Covered seating areas
  • Possibility for table reservations 
  • Exclusive wine bar in collaboration with ‘Carlton’ 
  • Cocktail bar you won’t find anywhere else on the festival
  • Free barista coffee
  • Private restroom facilities
  • Live streaming of concerts inside the covered seating area
  • Free Audi Shuttle Service between Aarhus city centre and NorthSide

VIP Events

With a VIP ticket, you do not only have unlimited access to the Audi Lounge but also to exclusive benefits and VIP events. Experience a guided tour, reserve a table in the Audi Lounge, grant your employees with value cards, or host a shared dinner in the lounge’s neighboring restaurant. There are plenty of opportunities to provide your partners and business network with an extraordinary experience.

Guided Tour

Get behind-the-scenes stories, insights into the site’s construction and development, start your day with an informative session combined with fun festival anecdotes, or learn more about how NorthSide has become one of the world’s leading festivals in sustainability. The possibilities are endless, but the tours are tailored based exactly on your preferences.

When: Available every day of the festival.
Duration: 1 hour.
Max. number of participants: 20 people.
Price: 15,000 DKK including a cold refreshment for all participants.

Table Reservation in the Audi Lounge

Kick off the party with a table reservation in the Audi Lounge, where we arrange cold refreshments on the tables upon arrival. Gather the company and enjoy the atmosphere in a reserved seating area, including 2 glasses of exclusive bubbles per person.

When: Available every day of the festival.
Duration: 2-4 PM.
Price: Minimum 2 tables (total of 16 people) 4,800 DKK.
Additionally, 300 DKK per person.

Audi Shuttle Service

Be driven back and forth from Aarhus C in an Audi e-tron with Audi Shuttle Service – exclusively for VIP guests. There is a limited number of spots and booking is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Price: The Audi Shuttle Service is free and reserved for VIP guests.
When: Available every day of the festival.

Restaurant Tiende

Once again, we’ve partnered with Restaurant Tiende, who has crafted a 7-course banquet exclusively for NorthSide’s guests, including beverages.

Lunch at 2 PM* and dinner at 6 PM.

Where: Restaurant Tiende (next to the Audi Lounge)
When: Available every day of the festival.
Price: 795 DKK per person, including beverages.
Booking: Reserve a table via

*Lunch only available Friday and Saturday.

Business packages

We offer tailored business packages for all small and large businesses, who are interested in nurturing their networks or employees with a special experience. With us, you won’t find any standard solutions. Our packages are always based on your requirements, and we customize the individual packages and experiences.

Theme: Sustainability 

Why not invite colleagues or business partners to one of the world’s leading sustainability festivals? NorthSide has positioned itself as a pioneer in sustainable solutions, including being Denmark’s first plant-based festival, through our comprehensive waste sorting system, our use of green power from the grid, our recycling of materials and our cup return system.

Book a guided tour where we will introduce the considerations, choices and initiatives that have helped us reach the position we are in today. Finish the day off with  plant-based menu designed exclusively for our dinner guest at restaurant Tiende.

Theme: Momentum

We’ll help you set the scene for a fantastic day for your entire party to unplug and enjoy the festivities. Start the day with a guided tour of the site, followed by table reservations for the whole party in the Audi Lounge. We’ll provide organic bubbles upon your arrival. All you have to do is to make sure you have a good time, enjoy the cold drinks and experience the concerts from exclusive seats on the platform. You can also purchase a voucher so that everyone in your party can go to the bar without having to get out their debit card. If you’re dining together, you can also use the vouchers at the food stalls on site or we can book a table for you at restaurant Tiende, so you can enjoy a top-notch dinner together. An unforgettable day with focus on enjoying the moment.

Theme: Diversity 

NorthSide is all about the unusual. We celebrate the odd and the crazy, and there’s room for everyone. Create an unforgettable company day where you get a tour of the site and an introduction to the initiatives, we’ve taken to promote diversity on the site. This includes the SideShow stage, which is one of our most popular concepts, that offers everything from glitter wrestling to drag shows and much more. With vouchers for everyone there’s plenty of opportunity to try out our various plant-based food stalls on site, and with access to the exclusive Audi Lounge, you’ll have front row seats to the concerts on the main stage, where a wide line-up ensures top-of-the-line music experiences for everyone.


The possibilities are many when it comes to experiences on the NorthSide. Our VIP team are experts in creating the best party for your company, where you can nurture your professional relationships, give the employee event a boost or give the conference an unforgettable end.


With 25 years of experience from the commercial world, including from some of the world’s leading media and creative agencies, Jakob Agersnap frames our professional B2B events.

As Commercial Manager, Jakob advises our guests with individually tailored business events that meet your specific wishes and needs.

Contact Jakob if you want to know more about the possibilities for business events.


As a educated butler and a background as a personal assistant for international clients, our Office & VIP Manager Jan-Ole Herfurth creates exclusive one-of-a-kind experiences and unique events of the highest standard.

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