About NorthSide

Every year at the start of June, NorthSide invites you to a fantastic three-day music festival, where the world’s biggest stars, as well as new rising artists are presented. The music ranges far and wide, so there is always something for everyone – also those seeking to expand their musical horizons. NorthSide creates experiences that cannot be found anywhere else, and it is almost impossible cover everything that Northside has to offer in just three days.

Experience the spectacular Sideshow, where cabaret, sword swallowing and circus go hand in hand, spoil yourself with the 100% organic and irresistible food selection, which lures anyone to indulge, or explore the site’s many small nooks. No matter where on the site you go, NorthSide guarantees a program packed with unforgettable experiences.

NorthSide is Denmark’s most sustainable festival and is dedicated to constantly raising the bar with new, sustainable initiatives. Among the many initiatives, it can be mentioned that all food is plant-based and 100% organic, and that there is no bottled water. In addition, in 2022 NorthSide was the first major festival in the world to run on 100% green electricity.


Once upon a time… a new festival was born.
It started as a one-day festival on june 19th 2010, where all five acts were Danish. Since then, the festival has evolved into a three-day event with international top names with a big focus on ecology and sustainability.


NorthSide wishes to be the most green and sustainable cultural event. That has been the intention since the first festival in 2010, and now, we are closer than ever.