• Saturday
  • 17:00
  • NOVA

Experience a musical adventure with the English singer-songwriter and guitarist Josh Edwards, aka Blanco White, who blends southern sun and Latin American culture in a colorful fusion of folk notes, indie, and electronic music at NorthSide.

The beginning of Blanco White’s own musical adventure started when he travelled to Cadiz, Spain, to study the art of flamenco guitar under the guidance of the famous guitarist Nono García, before traveling to Sucre, Bolivia, where he was introduced to traditional local folk music. 

Through his travels, Blanco White has created his own sound with his forays into Latin American and Andalusian folk music blended with his English musical roots. His latest album, Tarifa, shows great depth while embracing the excitement of collaboration, discovery, and cultural exchange.

We cannot wait to enter Blanco White’s spellbinding musical universe at NorthSide!