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We take our partnerships to the NEXT LEVEL

Are you looking for a strategic partnership that creates unique brand activation opportunities for your target audience? NorthSide is one of the world’s most sustainable festivals and experts in engaging our guests in your activation.

With a partnership at NorthSide, there are no standard gold sponsorships or fixed packages. Instead, we work closely with each partner to tailor a partnership that creates the most value for your brand.

Contact our brand partnership team today to learn more about the many different ways we can engage your business, reach a unique audience and achieve your partnership goals.


Purpose is king

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, improve employer branding, reposition your brand, create community engagement or something entirely different, we’re here to help. Together, we’ll create a solution that fits the challenges you want to meet.

Creative solutions

We offer various branding, exposure and activation options towards our many B2C festival guests and our many strong B2B customers. In addition, we also have a wide range of exciting hospitality options to add to the mix, when tailoring a solution just for you.

Reach the unreachables

At NorthSide, you get access to a unique audience with money to spend and strong opinions about the future. More than 89% of NorthSide guests poses a bachelor’s or master’s degree and are passionate about sustainability. In other words, they are a strong group of first-movers.

We work with you to activate your brand in the best possible way using our custom-designed solutions – always with the target audience in mind.

Be present 365

NorthSide’s brand exists year-round. We communicate and interact with our audience all year long. Imagine a partnership where the target audience is already familiar with the partnership through online exposure, off-site events, and cross-media campaigns before we activate it together at Eskelunden. In other words, we activate and communicate the partnership 365 days a year.

Data-driven ROI

A partnership should be profitable for all parties. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort into evaluating our partnerships after the festival. In collaboration with Epinion, we prepare annual reports on audience attitudes towards the individual partner brands and measure our reach on social media, and in collaboration with Nielsen, we measure the marketing value and ROI of the individual partnerships. 


Building a festival requires expert coordination, skilled hands and not least cooperation. Therefore, a big thank you must go to all our partners who help ensure that we can continue to develop NorthSide in a more sustainable and audience-friendly direction.

Hear more about Audi’s partnership

Danish only.

»This is a really good opportunity to show that we are working in the same direction – towards this more sustainable way of doing things.«

Quote: Jacob Thiesen, Head of Marketing, Audi Denmark.

Read more about the Audi Lounge here.

Hear more about Nordea’s partnership

Danish only.

»We have been very excited to see how the content we created before the festival started has worked on Nordea’s channels – now when we are here at the festival, we are even more excited because people want to get involved.«

Quote: Sanne Skott Sigtenbjerggaard, Head of Group Brand, Communications & Marketing, Nordea Denmark.

Hear more about OK’s partnership

Danish only.

»We have chosen to enter a partnership with NorthSide because NorthSide is super ambitious about the green transition – and so are we (…) for us there is great value in this partnership, because we get the opportunity to to signal to our employees – and our future employees – that we mean it when we say green transition.«

Quote René Toldbod, Head of HR and communication, OK a.m.b.a.

Lead the way

Partnerships are fundamental to our work with sustainability and innovation. We can only reach our goals if we work with the right partners who can complement us with knowledge and resources so that we can dream big, maintain high ambitions and, most importantly, reach our goals together. This requires a lot from ourselves and our partners. It is therefore essential that there is a brand match between NorthSide’s values and our brand partners’ sustainability profiles.

In collaboration with our partners, we have activated our sustainable values through the following initiatives:

  • In 2019, NorthSide replaced single-use plastic cups with reusable plastic cups together with our main partner Tuborg.
  • Since 2017, NorthSide has served only organic food and drinks in collaboration with Tuborg and a wide range of local food partners.
  • Since 2022, NorthSide has been run on green electricity from the grid in collaboration with energy company OK.
  • Artist transportation is handled in all electric cars from Audi e-tron.
  • NorthSide has exclusive access to the local recycling station throughout the festival our partnership with Kredsløb.
  • Europcar provides electric vans and cars for use before, during and after the festival.
  • The festival was the first in Denmark to become plant-based in 2022 in collaboration with Plant Mate and Plantebaseret Videnscenter. 
  • Urtekram ensures that all soaps on site are organic, Danish-produced and vegan.
  • In 2022, NorthSide won the sustainability awards “Byens bedste bæredygtighed”, “Klimafaklen” and “Årets økopris 2022”.
  • This year, NorthSide was certified as A Greener Festival Highly Commended 2023.


Not to forget: Tuborg. It is NorthSide’s Presenting partner and longest-lasting partnership.

Tuborg ensures that none of our guests goes thirsty while partying. They provide ice-cold organic draft beer in washable and reusable beer mugs, thereby supporting our organic and sustainable values. 

A state-of-the-art infrastructure from Tuborg ensures that there is always beer on tap in the right locations, in the right quantities, and in collaboration with Tuborg, we have also created the beautiful landmarks Tuborg Beer Barn on the main square and the large Novectra Bar between the Electra and Nova stages.


Audi is Main partner on our exclusive VIP area Audi Lounge. Audi ensures that all lounge guests have the opportunity to be transported to and from the festival in their electronic e-tron models. In addition, Audi also takes care of NorthSide’s artist transportation in their e-tron models.  

Read more about Audi Lounge here.


Together with VELUX, we focus on how we can create a brighter future.

Our guests can experience the collaboration at the festival in June, where the audience can reflect and come up suggestions for what a brighter future is for them, in three architectural installations. We will share the reflections during and after the festival, so we can inspire to what a brighter future can look like.

Read more about the partnership here (danish)


With a focus on Smart Payments Nordea provides good financial consumer advice for our guests. 

Together with Nordea, we’re raising awareness on everything from festival budgets and mobile banking hacks to smart wearables that make on-site payments even easier and faster. 


In collaboration with Geberit, we are highlighting one of the key topics on festivals. Festival toilets – not normally synonymous with luxury. But with Geberit’s douche toilets, we are setting a whole new standard for toilets at a festival and give our guests a unique feeling of luxury in the middle of the festival site.


Jägermeister focuses on drinking water – both in relation to “responsible drinking” and the protection of groundwater.

Onsite the festival, a number of central water points are being decorated with eye-catching art by the three local up-and-coming Aarhus artists Dino Cama, Stine Stubdrup and Mathias Rolschau.

In addition, Jägermeister will provide free water bottles to our more than 6,000 volunteers.

Radisson RED

With a number of exciting new initiatives, the aim is to increase awareness of RED as an attractive hotel and event location in Aarhus. The partnership is part of NorthSide’s strategy to be relevant and be able to offer value to guests and audiences beyond the three days in June when the festival takes place.


What if we told you that you can always find your friends at NorthSide, just by downloading an app and registering?

The FindLife app contains an interactive map of NS, where you always can see where you and your friends are on the festival site.

The brand new app FindLife is waiting for you through NS app, in App Store, and Google play – and it’s free.

Partnership team

Our brand partnership team works to create the best activation opportunities for your brand. We’re a team of experts in analytics, pre-production, activation and co-communication, so we’re able to cover all aspects of the activation.

Communication, branding and partner strategy

With more than 10 years of communication and partnership experience from one of Denmark’s largest companies, and a unique insight into how commercial partnerships can create value for companies and brands, our Partnership Manager Jesper Stubkier provides a strategic approach to working with partnerships.

Contact Jesper if you want to know more about the possibilities of moving your brand forward with a NorthSide partnership.

Sustainability and creative ideation

As co-founder of Denmark’s first sustainability agency – long before it was even a concept that had crept into the boardrooms – our Sustainability and Partnership Manager, Martin Thim, has always been at the forefront of the sustainability agenda. After many years of advising NorthSide in this area, he is now an integral part of the team, using his creative skills and sustainability knowledge to create partnerships that make a difference.

Contact Martin if you want to know more about partnerships with a sustainable angle.

Activation and project management

With a background as a project manager in the art sector and later with one of Denmark’s largest creative ad agencies, our Partnership Activation Manager, Tenna Brendstrup, guides your brand through the process and ensures the optimal activation of your partnership.

Reach out to Tenna if you want to know more about the possibilities. 

NorthSide is your one stop shop

In addition to our Brand Partnership Team, we always draw on internal resources when tailoring and developing solutions for our partners. We part of an organisation with many different teams always part of the journey to create the best possible activation of your brand:

– Dedicated project managers who work exclusively on partnership activation, guiding brands safely through the process and ensuring the optimal activation and roll-out of the partnerships. 

  • Our atmosphere team of architects assist with on-site activations – always thinking outside the box.
  • A Marketing team that advises on and executes SoMe campaigns and make sure your brand is presented in the best possible way across platforms.
  • Our Creative Team that can develop creatives to fit your vision and campaign purpose. 

Many of our colleagues also come with experience from the media and agency industry, so we’re well-equipped to take your brand activation to new heights.Looking for more than brand top-of-the-line brand activation. Not to worry. We also offer the best hospitality and guest experiences for employees, customers or business partners. 

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