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NorthSide 2024

NorthSide 2024 will take place in Eskelunden, Aarhus.

We look forward to telling you more.


We are working on a plan for ticket sales for NS24. You can see all active ticket types under ‘tickets‘.

You can also sign up for our newsletter (only in Danish) if you want to be the first to know about ticket sales, announcements and others news.

As long as your screen is intact, you can show your ticket on your phone. This way we also save a couple of trees – it’s a win/win situation!

If you want to split your payment, you have the option to pay 1/4 of the tickets price each month throughout January, February, Marts and April.

You will receive your ticket in May.

The buyer’s name will always be on the ticket, but the ticket will still be valid even if you give it away as a gift. You might, however, have to confirm your relation to the buyer at the entrance to the festival.

NB: This applies only to purchased tickets through our official ticket provider Ticketmaster. It does NOT apply to guest tickets or accreditations which are personal.

If you wish to safely transfer your ticket to someone else, you can do so by contacting Ticketmaster. Read more about it here.

Please contact Ticketmaster to hear more about ticket tranfers.

All tickets can be upgraded if there are still tickets available.

You pay the difference (E.g. from a 1-day ticket to a 2-day or a full 3-day ticket) and Ticketmaster charges an administration fee for the service.

To upgrade your ticket please contact Ticketmaster.

The official ticket provider for NorthSide is Ticketmaster. We always recommend buying your ticket directly from Ticketmaster.

We strongly discourage you from using black market sites such as Viagogo, which deliberately sell overpriced tickets. When you buy a ticket from someone you do not know, the ticket may in theory be fake or copied, and the barcode will therefore not work in the entrance. This means that you will be rejected and NorthSide cannot take responsibility for this. Therefore, we can not verify or otherwise check tickets purchased unofficially.

The purchase of tickets is not subject to any return rights. Therefore, you can not get a refund, if you are prevented from attending the event. Tickets are only refundable if the festival is canceled. Please see conditions at Ticketmaster.dk.

The final line up is subject to changes.


NorthSide is a part of Superstruct Entertainment.
Superstruct Entertainment is a live entertainment platform that owns and operates over 50 large-scale events and music festivals globally. Besides NorthSide and Tinderbox, Superstruct’s portfolio of events also includes Øya in Oslo, Flow in Helsinki, Wacken Open Air, Sziget, Sónar, Parookaville, Boardmasters + more.

Are you from the press and want to get in touch with us?

Contact us here or at tel. +45 92 82 92 97.

Food and drinks

If you are suffering from allergies or have other special needs that can be a challenge during the festival, it is allowed to bring some food and drinks to the festival area if you have an ekslusive permit.

To get the permit, you have to contact us at info@northside.dk.

But we can promise you, that there will be something for everyone, including those who have allergies.
For example there will be glutenfree products and snacks, as well as vegan food on the festival site.
If you cannot consume the food offered on the site for health reasons, there must be evidence of this in the form of a medical certificate to be displayed at the entrance.
If you have young children and need to bring baby food or similar, this is also allowed.

It’s in the DNA of NorthSide that there’s space and anticipation for us to pave the way for inspiration. Both when it comes to new music but also new sustainable initiatives like going plant-based. We strive to always surprise, challenge and take the lead, and to serve plant-based food is a natural next step on our journey towards more sustainability. It’s the future of food.

The Plant-based Knowledge Centre defines a plant-based meal as “a meal that is based on plants and can be supplemented with a small amount of animal products”.

NorthSide has left out all meat and fish in their meals and will only use a maximum of 15% cheese, egg or mayonnaise per portion.

Meals that are vegetarian or vegan will be clearly marked.

You will find water stations at the festival site, where you can fill your water bottle with free tap water.

If you download this year’s NorthSide app, there will be a section listing all the food stalls. Here you can see which dishes the different stalls sell.

You can also find lists of dishes that are vegetarian, vegan or gluten and lactose free.

The food at NorthSide is plant based.

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the festival site.

You can, however, bring an empty water bottle made out of plastic and fill it up at the water stations. For security reasons bottles made out of metal or glass are not allowed.

Accommodation and transport

We do not offer accommodation nor camping at NorthSide, and we therefore refer to alternative accommodations:

Camping Blommehaven – Tel. +45 8627 0207
Aarhus Camping – Tel. +45 8623 1133

If you have to drive to Aarhus, NorthSide always encourages carpooling so that we have the least possible impact on the environment.

We strongly encourage you to either walk or bike to NorthSide. If you choose to walk, you can – depending on where you’re coming from:
… walk along Ringvejen (O2) south towards Åhavevej
… follow Frederiks Allé and Skanderborgvej until you reach Åhavevej
… follow the path from Godsbanen and P. Hjort-Lorenzens vej

You can cycle to NorthSide – and store your bike at BikeSide close to the entrance which holds a capacity at 25.000 bicycles.

Bicycle parking is at your own risk.

You can also rent a bicycle in the city.

There will be extra city buses on the days of NorthSide, which stop near the intersection at Skanderborgvej and Marselis Boulevard.

Read more on Midttrafik’s website.

There will be no parking in connection with NorthSide. We refer to Aarhus Municipality’s car parks or the city’s car parks.
There will be bicycle parking in the immediate vicinity of the festival site.

If you prefer to be driven to and from the festival, you can find a taxi in Tøndergade, where this year they have a dedicated zone for pick-up and drop-off. Tøndergade is just a 10-minute walk from NS.

When you’re going home from NS, you can hop on a shuttle bus every 10 minutes from the nearby Cirkle K on Skanderborgvej.

The shuttle buses are running on:

Thursday 21.00-02.00

Friday 22.00-03.00

Saturday 22:00-03:00

There are several hotels and hostels based in the Aarhus area. Here are just a few examples:
www.danhostel.dk – Tel. +45 8621 2120
www.danhostelaarhuscity.dk – Tel. +45 8610 1020
www.aarhushostel.dk – Tel. +45 8742 1700
www.cabinn.com – Tel. +45 8675 7000
www.helnan.dk – Tel. +45 8614 4411
www.hotelaca.dk – Tel. +45 8627 5130
www.hotelguldsmeden.dk – Tel. +45 8613 4550
www.hoteloasia.dk – Tel. +45 8732 3715
www.hotelritz.dk – Tel. +45 8613 4444
www.radissonblu.com – Tel. +45 8612 8665
www.scandichotels.dk – Tel. +45 3348 0400
www.stayinaarhus.dk – Tel. +45 8627 6777
www.minihotels.com – only online
www.zleephotels.com – Tel. +45 7023 5635

At the festival site

It is not allowed to bring your own food.

If you are vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant or suffering from celiac disease there are still plenty of options for you. Check out the lists in our app.

… sunscreen?

· You can bring sunscreen in a tube.

· You can bring sunscreen with a pump

· You can NOT bring sunscreen in a pressurized container. Aerosol / pressurized containers are not permitted on the site.

… my own water bottle?

· You can bring a plastic water bottle.
· You can bring a plastic or silicone cup.

· You can NOT bring bottles or cups made of metal or glass.

… cosmetics, perfume and the like?

· You can bring small cosmetic items.
· You can bring a small perfume.

· You can NOT bring a spray deodorant. Aerosol/pressurized containers are not allowed.

Children and adolescents are welcome at NorthSide, and if they are under the age of 12, entrance is free when entering with a paying adult. There are no special children tickets, so if you are over the age of 12, you have to buy a ticket. For safety reasons, children and adolescents under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult, and we do not recommend that children stay at the festival after 8 pm.

Photos are taken on NorthSide that can be used for marketing purposes.

If an image of you is used, you can request that it be deleted at any time. For questions, contact info@northside.dk.

Read more about our privacy policy here.

It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, camcorders or professional photo cameras. Professional audio and video recording is not permitted. Only small digital video cameras (pocket size) and cell phones are allowed on the site. SLR Cameras are not allowed. If you want to photograph for media purposes, you are welcome to apply for accreditation. We do not allow cameras to individuals because of restrictions from international artists, as it is disruptive to our audience with too many cameras during the concerts.

Setting up tents, tables, chairs and the likes is not permitted for safety reasons, nor is it permitted to bring flags, pennants, banners etc. There will be seating-areas at the festival site.

If you are pregnant or have special needs, we encourage you to take a blanket or bedside with you.

For safety reasons, it is not permitted to bring umbrellas to the festival site.

You are, however, allowed to bring rainwear, raincoats etc.

This year we have Volt at the festival site. With Volt you can get a portable powerbank, including swapping-service, so you can charge your phone whenever. When the charger is fully used, you can swap it and get a new fully charged powerbank on site. That way you will never run out of power.

The powerbanks work with all kinds of smartphones – Iphone, Android or any USB-C port.

We recommend that you pre-order your Volt-charger with swapping-service prior to the festival, because it’s cheaper and you don’t have to worry about the powerbanks being sold out. You can pre-order your Volt charger here.

You’ll find Volts location at the festival site in our app.

It will only be possible to pay with credit and debit cards at NorthSide, which will provide better service and fewer queues at stalls and bars.

The following credit cards are accepted throughout the festival site:

American Express
JCB International

NB! When buying food, drinks and beverages at the festival “Down The Drain” (not NorthSide) will appear on your bank statements.

The wardrobe is back this year. More info will follow.

If you lost something at NorthSide and it was dropped off at ‘lost & found’, we will do everything to take good care of it.

During NorthSide everything lost and found has to be handed in/picked up at the Information placed near Entrance 2.

After NorthSide from Sunday June 4 to Friday June 9 lost and found items can be picked up at FGU Aarhus.

FGU Aarhus
Olof Palmes allé 35, 8200 Aarhus N
Mail: alu@fguaarhus.dk
Tlf: 41 90 51 02

Opening hours:

Sunday June 4: 12-16
Monday June 5: 9-15
Tuesday June 6: 9-15
Wednesday June 7: 9-15
Thursday June 8: 9-15
Friday June 9: 9-15

After 9 June:

On Tuesday June 13, all valuables will be handed over to East Jutland Police’s Lost and Found office in Aarhus.

NorthSide will store all other lost property (clothing, etc.) up to and including July 4. It is then donated to non-profit or charitable purposes. You can contact NorthSide via info@northside.dk or on Facebook/Messenger/Instagram.

When the print-friendly program and map of the site are ready, you can find them here on the page. Look in the news section.

For environmental reasons, we recommend that you do not print the map and program, but instead download it to your mobile or find it in our app. If you still choose to print the program and map, we recommend that you print on both sides of the paper.


Sometimes Nets crashes. If it happens, it will not be possible to pay by debit card. If this situation appear and it is clear that there is a crash of longer duration, it will be possible for our debit cardholders to be issued value cards in the value card stalls.

In the value card stalls, it is always possible to pay by debit card, regardless of a breakdown at Nets.

There will be ongoing challenges for the Internet connection at an outdoor festival site – cables are torn over, power failures etc.

In the vast majority of cases, the problem is related to certain bars/stalls and often only to certain terminals in bars/stalls – and the majority of problems are solved within a very short period of time.

It does not affect the payment options of the cash terminals are offline, so it’s not something you will notice as a guest unless you’re a debit cardholder (see info below).

We have a big focus on the mobile network, but we are aware that it is sometimes hard-hit. That is why we have chosen not to allow our payment system to depend on the mobile network.

The payment system is linked to a wired Internet connection and will not be affected if the mobile network is congested.

Do you not have a debit or credit card or just want to pay with cash on Tinderbox? Whatever the reason, you can choose a value card. In the value card booth, you can deposit money on a value card, which you can then use in all bars and stalls.

Deposit on value cards

When buying a value card, you must pay a deposit of 100 DKK. The deposit will be returned at the value card stall when you have your remaining balance paid out. If you decide to contact NorthSide at info@northside.dk after the festival, the 100 DKK deposit will cover an administration fee of 85 DKK.

If payment of a possible balance must be made via bank transfer, either during or after the festival, as described in the section on balance, an administration fee of 100 DKK will be charged for administration in connection with the bank transfer. The fee will be set off against your deposit if there is insufficient balance on the value card to cover the administration fee.

ATTENTION! If you use up the card, do NOT give it to the bartender, as you will not be able to get your deposit back. To get your deposit back you must return the value card to one of the value card stalls.

Photograph your value card

When you receive your value card, you must photograph it so that the 10-digit number on the card can be read. You need the image if you lose your value card, and you must use it if you want any balance to be transferred via bank transfer after the festival (procedure is described in more detail in the section on balance).

Can I use my value card again?

Yes, value cards bought in connection with NorthSide 2022, can be used during future NorthSide festivals. If you keep your value card, your balance will remain on your card. Your deposit will be returned, once you return the card to the value card stall.

How do I get a refund of the remaining balance on my value card?

You can at any time visit a value card stall and get a refund of the remaining balance. At the same time you will get your deposit back.

Please note, that it’s only possible to receive the balance on a credit card. It will not be possible to get the refund back in cash or via MobilePay. If you do not have a credit card, please write an email to info@northside.dk. You must include the 10-digit card number + your bank information in order to receive the remaining balance via bank transfer. In connection with the bank transfer there will be charged a 85 DKK fee. The fee will be set off against your deposit, if there is not enough balance on your value card to cover the administration fee.

Processing time for payment of the remaining balance via bank transfer can be up to 30 days.

If there is a remaining balance on your value card, and vaerdikort@northside.dk has not been contacted before June 30th the following year, then you lose the right to apply for a refund of the remaining balance.

When is the value card stalls’ opening hours?

The value card stalls will follow the opening hours of the festival site.

What happens if I lose my value card?

When purchasing a value card, we encourage you to photograph the 10-digit number on the card. Should you lose the card, you must go to a value card stall. They will help you to deactivate the lost card and transfer the money to a new card.

If you lose your credit card, you have the option to purchase a value card in a value card booth. Here you can pay with MobilePay.

Debit cards are valid payment in all of our bars and stalls. If, as debit cardholder, you encounter a cash terminal that is offline, the debit card will not be valid. Often, the offline situation will be linked only to the individual cash line, so the neighboring cash terminal will most likely be able to complete the payment. The staff of the bars/stalls is instructed on how it’s done.

If all cash terminals are offline in a bar or stall it will not be possible to make a payment by debit card. Our guests are then referred to the value card stalls, which can remedy the situation.

We do not accept MobilePay in our bars and stalls.

Of course, we will accept your cash on the festival site (max DKK 19,999). In our value card stalls, you can deposit your cash on a value card, which you can use anywhere at the festival site.

If you spend all of your money on the value card, you can always visit the value card stall to make a new deposit (unless you have already reached the limit of DKK 19,999).

Credit and debit cards (inc. contactless payment, Apple Pay and Google Pay) are valid in all stalls and bars. It is not possible to pay with cash, but at our value card stall you can have cash deposited on a value card, which can be used in all stalls and bars.

It will only be possible to pay with credit and debit cards at NorthSide, which will provide better service and fewer queues at stalls and bars.

The following credit cards are accepted throughout the festival site:

American Express
JCB International

NB! When buying food, drinks and beverages at the festival “Down The Drain” (not NorthSide) will appear on your bank statements. Do to a mistake at NETS, some may however experience, that “Made In Denmark” will appear on the bank statement instead of Down The Drain.

What is cashless payment?

Banks has started to issue debit and credit cards that can be used as ‘contactless payment’ if the terminals are able to receive contactless payment. Such cards are equipped with a NFC-chip. You can check if your card is ready for contactless payment by looking for this mark on your card.

If your card doesn’t have this mark, you will have to contact your bank, if you wish to pay with contactless payment.

On NorthSide, all terminals can receive contactless payment, which means that the payment will be made by simply holding a card on the terminal, if the amount is less than 350 DKK. If the amount is above DKK 350, the guest must enter their PIN and when the card has been used a number of times for contactless payment without entering a PIN, the guest will be asked to enter their PIN. This is exclusively to avoid abuse if you should lose a card with NFC-chip.


Animals are not permitted at the festival area.

Working alongside our skilled security staff, a well-trained and competent first aid corps is attending the whole event.

Weapons are strictly forbidden and will result in immediate expulsion and police notification.

There is no tolerance to drugs in of all kinds. Drug dealing and possession will result in immediate expulsion as well as police reporting.

Do not bring barbeque or similar to the festival site. Use of open fire is not allowed.

The security guards have the highest authority at the festival site. If something happens, or if someone is in need of urgent assistance, please contact the security staff as quickly as possible.