• Saturday
  • 14:15
  • ECHO

By the age of just 15, shooting star Clara Toft Simonsen aka Saint Clara had landed her first record deal. Driven by an admirable work ethics and pure love for music – and still in her early twenties – she’s now released three brilliant records. 

With bullet-proof songwriting, an incredible sense of melodies, and an extremely powerful voice, Saint Clara has cemented herself as one of the most exciting new pop acts to come out of Denmark these past years. 

Throughout her three records, Saint Clara has proven herself as an artist who’s not afraid of claiming her space when needed, and at the same time masters the smooth, more laidback sound when she needs calmness. 

It has given us mesmerizing tracks like “Suffocating”, “Girl like You”, and “Crazy” as well as 2022 R&B hit singles “Energies Don’t Lie” and “Oh My God” – to name a few. 

Oh My God! How we’ll look forward to seeing her live at NorthSide next summer…