Good to know as volunteer

Here you will find answers to questions we often see and hear

To volunteer at Northside

Volunteer registration for NorthSide 2023 open. Sign-up here

We have more than 5.000 volunteers in our festival community. A community who together builds up the festival from scratch. From nothing to everything. All as one – and all for one.

It’s an active choice to sign up to become a volunteer. It’s a professional and personal engagement you offer, hopefully because you want to create something meaningful and consider yourself as a part of what our festival represents.

As a volunteer you commit yourself to the festival, your closest leader, your team and your volunteer colleagues. We count on you and you can count on us.

For the most part you create the best volunteer festival experience yourself. It’s all about attitude and the will to cooperate on many different levels. In return for your effort and big help, we promise to give you something for your resumé, great music, new friends, old friends and much more…. 

You are “the face” of our festival as a volunteer. It’s therefore important that you, regardless of your assignment, offer our guests great service. To smile and provide a great service – even when busy – is the best tool you have. To make everything work most efficiently, it’s essential that we help each other along the way, and lend each other a hand when needed. Even if it falls out of your original assignment.

An example is that at our festival you are automatically a Trash Hero – no matter which assignment you have. That means that every year  you are a part of beating last years trash sorting percentage. Read more about our Trash Hero initiative, and why we see trash not only as trash but as resources.

We expect that you respect our community, and are able to take care of yourself within that community. Know what our rules and conditions mean to us so we all can have a great festival – together.

If you have any questions, please find our FAQ at the festival’s website before writing us. We get a lot of emails during a day and there is a 99,9% chance that you will find your answer within our FAQ.

We look forward seeing you

FROM 89% TO 100%

89% sorted trash at our festival is really well done… if we have to say so ourselves, and much of the credit should be awarded to all our volunteer Trash Heroes associated with our Resource area. They stand side by side every year and struggle to beat the sorting percentage from the year before.

However, we will never be 100% satisfied until we manage to sort 100%. Therefore, we have to have even MORE focus on green sustainability, even MORE hands and heads on the task – we all need to be Trash Heroes and thereby ambassadors for sustainability. From area managers to team leaders to volunteers.

We all need to sort the resources and fight for an even higher percentage. We all need to help each other keeping the site neat and clean, so we are able to leave it just as nice as when we arrived. This doesn’t mean that you have to use 8 hours of your shift cleaning and sorting, but it means that we all have it in mind, take responsibility and stand together – when there’s time for it.

Let’s stand together for something greater than ourselves and help each other to help ourselves.

We have always flaunted that we are good at focusing on the green sustainability with most things we do. Not just for the sake of the globe, but also for your and our sake.

We sorted in 20 fractions in 2022 and in such a way that the trash can be recycled and come to life in a new form or in a new material. Trash is not just trash. Trash is resources!


We sort trash into 20 different fractions.

We collected a total of 41.5 kg of filter coffee grounds and 21 kg of espresso coffee grounds, which was awarded to GRUMS, which uses it in beauty care products.

Mineral water is almost completely removed from the festival’s range. Instead, we distribute nearly 6,000 free, recyclable water bottles, of which approximately 2,000 pcs. will be sold to guests so they can drink tap water rather than mineral water. We have eight ordinary tap water posts at the site for both guests and employees.


Ruby is our volunteer system. This is the platform where you register and here you find your shift schedule, information on your contact person, news, info and so much more. 

When you register in Ruby you have to choose a team.

This list of all teams will show you which teams are full and which teams that are available. If you do not know anything about the different teams and its tasks it is possible to find a description of each team below their names

There are a lot of different teams however we do not have any teams that work around the toilets. 

The team is chosen, and you can choose the shifts you want to have. 

When entering Ruby There will be a link where you can choose your shifts, but if this is not the case you can press “my shifts”. Here you can press “update shifts” and you can choose your shifts. 

If it is all empty it is because the shifts are not ready yet, but you can always ask your contact person about this. 

To work together with a friend, it requires that you choose the same team and then afterwards the same shifts. It is your own responsibility to make sure that you work together with your friend. 

If you are a big group that wants to work together, please write to us and we will try to help you. You can reach us at

Before the resign deadline the 15th of May 

Do you want to change your shift to another day or another time it is possible for you to change your shift. To do this you have to click at “My Team” in Ruby and then press “update shifts”. Here it will be possible for you to change your shift.

If this brings you any problems, you can contact us at

After the resign deadline the 15th of May 

As a baseline it is not possible to make any changes in your shift after the resign deadline.

However, if you really want to change you can write a nice message to your contact person and ask kindly. 

You will find the information for your contact person at “My Teams.”

There are a lot of different kinds of task you can do except toilets.

When making your profile in Ruby it is possible to see all teams and see if there are any spots free. Yet, there will also be a description of each team, which will help you understand what you will do at the specific team. 

There has been made a description of some off teams below:

  • Working with sustainability in Resource 
  • Greet our guests in the Main Entrance and give them their wristband, inspection and of course with a big smile.
  • Make sure that our guests wear wristbands and keep an eye at our gates (Gatekeeper), take care of our audience (Frontzone) or help in traffic (Traffic)
  • Building and repacking our stages or be the one you take the artists gear in (load in) and out (load out) from stage during the festival (Stagehand)

… And a lot more😉

There are not a specific number of hours. It depends on different things such as what task, time, and period (Before, during or after)

Some shifts are easier and are placed at a good time while other shifts are more physical. 

This also means that we say that as a volunteer you have to work between 10-17 hours during the festival and 18-26 hours before/after the festival. 

At some teams it is possible to take one shift whereas you have to take two shifts at other teams. 

We do not have an official waiting list but you can always contact the contact person on the specific team or us at and ask about a waiting list. 


When you register as volunteer in Ruby you are asked to pay a deposit of 300 DKK 

Notice that these 300 DKK is only a deposit, and you will get them back if you show up to your shifts and comply our terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, we have experienced that people do not attend their shifts even though they already have accepted the terms and conditions.

When you do not attend your shift, it effects a lot of other people and results in the fact that the other volunteers have to run a lot faster. 

If you show up to all your shifts and do the work, you promised and comply our terms and conditions you will get the full deposit back. 

You can expect to receive your money back 14-21 days after the festival. We want to be as quick as possible, but our system needs a couple of days to do it the most proper way. 

Note: the deposit will be sent back to the same account as it was received from. 

Make sure that if you switch bank that you give us your new information as quickly as possible. 

You can contact us at

You can lose your deposit if you do not attend your shifts or break our terms and conditions. This is also the same if you resign later then the resign deadline.

If you resign before the resign deadline you will of course receive your deposit. 

We are not notified if you resign and we would like to receive an email at By doing this we can re-pay your deposit before the festival as well  

If you do not notify us, you will receive your deposit together with the others, which will be around 14-21 days after festival. 

You will automatically be asked to pay a deposit when you register in Ruby. 

There are a lot of different reason to resign, and we even dare to say that we have heard almost everything 😉

This also means that we do not want to evaluate each reason and have come to the conclusion that no matter the reason before the deadline does not have an influence.

We are sure that you know how to behave. If not, you can follow the guidelines below: 

  • I do my work from start to end as I promised. 
  • If I resign, I will do it before the resign deadline. 
  • I will send a picture of my clipped wristband to if I do not show up to my shift with the subject “clipped wristband”. 
  • I will not be affected by alcohol etc. when I must work or drink during my shift.
  • I understand that if I do not show up to my shift it means that it will affect the rest of my team. 

Read more about this in Terms and Conditions 

Resign and deregistration

Resign deadline is the 15th of May. 

It is set as late as possible but also in time for us the make small changes in our shift schedule if there should occur some cancellations. 

If you wish to resign before the resign deadline you must resign your profile in Ruby. 

To resign your Profile in Ruby you have to click on “profile” in the right corner. At this page you will find a button where it says “resign”. It is placed below your profile picture and information.

We are going to miss you, but of course no hard feelings. 

Your deposit will of course be sent back to you. 

Note! We are not receiving any information about you resigning so please write to us at By doing this you will receive your deposit faster or else you will receive it after the festival with everyone else.

We see your sign-up as binding after the 15th of May. This also means that you will lose your deposit if you resign after the 15th of May. 

We rather want you to call and resign then stay away as this will make it easier for us to handle. Of course, you will not have to pay 2.700 DKK if you resign before the shift.  

If you resign later then the resign deadline you must contact your contact person. You will find information at “My Teams” in Ruby 

  • If you resign more then 48 hours before your first shift = write an email to your contact person 
  • If you resign less then 48 hours before your first shift = call your contact person, if he/she do not answer write a message 

Note: When you resign it is only received and approved when your contact person confirms your resignation. 


You have to be 18 years or older to volunteer at this festival.

It is not possible to register in Ruby as long as you are younger than 18 years. 

Special for volunteers in a bar

The bars at the festival are managed by different student associations and private actors. 

This also means that we cannot help you if you want to volunteer at a bar. Instead, you must contact the different student associations. 

Here is a list of all the student associations that will be at the festival: 

  • Studenterhus Aarhus
  • Unikum
  • Fairbar
  • Samfundsfaglige fredagsbar
  • Studenterlauget
  • Haddoks
  • Arkibal
  • Ria – rådet for ingeniørstuderende
  • Vianysos
  • Train
  • Ambrosia
  • Beerceps Maximus

Special for volunteers in a food stand

If you want to volunteer at a food stand you must reach out to the individual food stand. 

The food stands are external collaborators, and we are not allowed to register you as a volunteer at a food stand. 

If you already are a part of a food stand you will receive an invitations link and then register to the correct team in Ruby 

If you want more information, please contact the food stand. 

You will receive food and beverage from the food stand that you help. 

Besides that, you will have access to the Volunteer Lounge and great prices. 

Your contact person will assign you your shifts. 

If you want to know more about your opportunities, it is a good idea to contact your contact person in the food stand. 

When your shift schedule has been made you can see your shifts at” my shifts” in Ruby

If you volunteer at a food stand and have questions that concern tasks, shifts and working together with a friend you have to contact your contact person.

Information on your contact is possible to find at “ My Teams” in Ruby.

If you experience technical problems with Ruby please write to us at

Please attach a photo of the problem and a short explanation and then we will fix it as quick as possible. 

Access pass and check-in

Information will come.

You have to get a wristband which will give access to the festival. To get the wristband you have to bring a valid ID/driver’s license/Passport to the Volunteer Check-In a few days before or during the festival. 

It is possible for you to see the opening hours if you click on Check-in 

To receive the wristband, it is necessary that you have approved your shifts. It is possible to approve your shifts when you click at “My shifts”. 

Make sure that your information is correctly in Ruby as well as it has to match your ID.

You do not need to bring the Access Pass but only your ID.

Volunteer Lounge is the place where all the volunteers meet. 

Volunteer Lounge will be close to Echo

Beside fun, “hygge” and all the good things you bring the area you will find:

  • Volunteer Catering – this will be the place you can eat your food when you work. 
  • Bars with 50% discount according to the other bars around the festival 
  • Water stations to fill your water bottle that you received from us. 
  • Free coffee 
  • Toilets 
  • Places to sit. 

Information will come.

Information will come.

Food and beverage when I work

No. You are not allowed to bring your own beverage whether it is without or with alcohol. You can read more about this in terms and conditions. 

We will recommend you visit the Volunteer Lounge, which is an area for our volunteers. Here you will find water stations to fill your water bottle and a lot more. 

You are allowed to bring a small amount of snack but only for your own needs when you work. 

Of course! 

When you volunteer you will receive food during your shifts. 

If you work before/after you will get 4 meals meanwhile if you work during the festival, you will get 2 meals.

We are making sure that there is food for vegetarian but please bring your own food if you have any special allergies. 

We always recommend you eat before you come no matter the time of your shift. 

There will be free water and coffee when you are working. 


You are not allowed to bring your own recording devices, cameras, or professional photo device without permission. You are allowed to bring your phone and small pocket cameras without permission. 

it is forbidden to take pictures or videos, ask for autographs or take contact with the different artists. I respect the artists personal life. 

We are trying to find a solution. Info will come. 

Have you lost something at the festival and has the lost thing been delivered to lost and found, we will make sure that the thing will be in good hands and safe.

Do you work before/after the festival the lost property will be picked up/dropped off by the production check-in at the festival. 

During the festival lost property must be dropped off/picked up by the information placed in front of the Main Entrance.

Later than the 7th of July all of the lost and found will be delivered to our main office,  which can be contacted via this mail: 

Describe in detail what you have lost, are looking for and we will contact you.

We will keep the lost and found until 16th of June. Afterwards we will give the lost and found, mostly valuable things, such as wallet, keys, cash etc. to Østjyllands Police lost and found office Aarhus. 

Clothes etc. will be given to charity. 

When you register as a volunteer a place to sleep will not be included in your partout wristband. This means that it is your responsibility to find a place to sleep.

If this is impossible you can ask your contact person

There will be some kind of wardrobe. Information will come. 

Information will come.

Contact us

Are you from an association and interested in a cooperation? Please write your information in our contact form under the volunteering page and we will contact you.

How you already picked your shifts and do you have questions about things such as your tasks, your shifts, work with a friend, shoes etc. you have to contact your contact person on the team. 

You will find information on your contact person under “My teams” in Ruby. 

Do you have general questions involving volunteering and NorthSide, and it is not possible to find any answer in our FAQ. You can contact Volunteer Management at

Personal data policy

This personal data policy applies to all the personal data that you provide to us and / or which we collect about you as part of your affiliation as a volunteer at the festival. We are the data controller for the processing of your personal data.

In this personal data policy, you can read more about which personal data we collect, how we handle your personal information and how long we keep information about you etc. You should read this policy and approach the festival’s Volunteer Management at if there is anything in this policy that you cannot accept. At any time, you can find the current version of this personal data policy at

The overall legal framework for our processing of personal data is the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals about the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95 / 46 / EC with related regulation. In addition, the law which may be adopted based on the draft law on supplementary provisions for the regulation of the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such information, is published on 25 October 2017.

All questions concerning this personal data policy and suspicion of non-compliance must initially be addressed to the festival’s Volunteer Management at

Below are definitions of some of the most important personal data protection concepts:

Personal Information: Any kind of information about an identified or identifiable physical person. In other words, any information that can directly or indirectly, alone or in combination, identify a certain physical person.

The purpose of collecting and processing the personal data is to handle your participation as a volunteer at the festival and further events within Down the Drain Group. Your personal information will be used for the following purposes:

– Documentation of the event history

– Contact in connection with your participation in our events etc.

– Ordinary personnel administration, including registration of enrollment for events, overview of assignment registration, publication of information (including newsletters, evaluation link, return invitation etc.)

– Administration of collection / refund of deposit and fees etc.

– Administration of industrial injury insurance for volunteers

We only use your information for the above purposes unless a new purpose is clearly compatible with the original purpose or if you have previously given consent.

To ensure the quality of your personal information, you will be automatically asked to update them annually. However, we dependent on you inform about relevant changes such as new e-mail address, new phone number or the like.

We collect this information directly from you:

Name, address, zip code, city, mobile number, email address, social security number, registration and account number (only on medical certificate request).

We generally do not collect any specific categories of information about you. However, we would like to know if there is anything health-related we must consider in connection with the tasks you are expected to solve at our event. For example, if you have poor back, bad knees, a disability or the like. Furthermore, if you receive medication for something that we need to be aware of – asthma, allergies or the like. We treat the information exclusively based on your participation in the festival. Afterwards, the information will be deleted.

In connection with your registration as a volunteer at the festival, you are requested to give consent that we reserve the right to obtain information about your criminal record. We only treat the certificate based on your consent. We will delete the certificate immediately after your participation in the festival. With your consent, we will subsequently obtain information about your criminal record once a year if you still wish to be a volunteer.

You enter into an agreement with us when you volunteer at the festival. For us to manage your voluntary affiliation, we need to be able to process your personal information. We can also process your regular personal data if you have a request or the like that precedes your decision to enter into an agreement with us. The legal basis for processing your personal data is Article 6 (1). 1, (b) of the Personal Data Regulation, as the processing of your information is necessary for us to fulfill our agreement with you and / or that we may handle inquiries and the like prior to your potential agreement with us.

We may also process a few common personal data about you as part of your affiliation with us as a volunteer, because we have a legitimate interest in processing such information, cf. the Personal Data Regulations category. 6 pieces. 2, (f) unless your right to obtain the protection of your own personal data precedes our legitimate interest in processing your information.

In some cases, we are also legally obliged to process personal information about you. This can, for example, be used for documentation of medical allowance, expenses and the like in accordance with the rules in the Danish Bookkeeping Act. The company must, among other things, store accounting records for five years from the end of the financial year to which the accounting record relates.

Our processing of any special categories of personal data (sensitive information), such as, information about your health, is based on your consent, cf. the Personal Data Regulations category. 9 p. 2, (a) or in order that a legal claim can be determined, enforced or defended, cf. the Personal Data Regulations category. 9 p. 2, (f).

We share your personal information with the third parties who assist us in managing our personnel administration, including, for example, handling of the charge / refund of deposit and fee, hosting of IT systems, etc. This means that we can share your information with, for example, our data processors, e.g. consisting of service providers and technical support.

We can also share your information with our other companies / organizations to the extent this is relevant.

Northside Entertainment ApS, CVR: 32878814

In addition to the above, we share your information to the extent that we are obliged to do so, e.g. because of requirements for reporting to public authorities such as SKAT.

We store the personal information, we treat about you as part of the ongoing administration of your volunteer work at the festival, such as information on event history, CPR, e-mail address in connection with invitation as a recurring volunteer etc., for up to two years from you were last active at one of our events. If you do not actively update and approve that we must continue to store your information, all your information will be permanently deleted in our database.

Other personal information about you that we deal with, such as a criminal record, work or residence permit, will immediately be deleted after your participation at the festival.


You have the right to gain insight into the personal information we treat about you. By writing to the festival’s Volunteer Management at, you can request access to the personal information we have registered about you – including the purposes for which the information was collected. We will comply with your insight request as soon as possible.

Correction and deletion

You have the right to request the correction, additional processing, deletion or blocking of the personal information we process about you. We will comply with your request as soon as possible. We will contact you, if we cannot accommodate your request.

Other rights are stated in the Articles 18 – 20 of the Regulation

Revocation of consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent, if the processing of your personal information is based on your consent. Your withdrawal does not affect the legality of the treatment that was performed before you withdrawn your consent. Please contact the festival’s Volunteer Management at if you have any doubts as to whether you have consented to the processing of your personal data or if you wish to revoke your consent.

Terms and / or limitations of your rights

There may be conditions or restrictions related to the utilisation of the above rights.

Possible consequences of not submitting personal data

If you do not wish to give consent to personal data within the above described framework, you may not be voluntary at the festival.

Our processing of personal data is subject to our IT and security policy. Our IT and Security Policy also contains rules for implementing risk assessment and impact analysis of existing and new or changed processing activities.

If you are dissatisfied with our processing of your personal data, you can appeal to the Danish Data Inspectorate: Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5th floor, 1300 Copenhagen K., telephone +45 3319 3200, e-mail:

We reserve the right to change this policy on an ongoing basis. The latest updated policy can always be found via

This policy was last updated on 17.03.2020.