Our yearly sustainability report has just been released and here you can find numbers on the results based on the strategical goal of reducing the CO2 emission of the festival as much as possible every single year. In 2022, we managed to reduce the emission by a total of 30% compared to 2019, despite having even more guests on the festival grounds. Especially two initiatives have had a significant impact on the reduction of the CO2 emission:

  1. We no longer need to cover our electricity consumption through diesel powered generators, as we have gained access to the city power grid. This means that the electricity spent will emit significantly less CO2, as it will no longer come from black diesel, but from the city power grid, where the emission will be compensated through green certifications. The reduction in emissions coming from the power consumption is at an impressive 82%.
  2. In 2022 we only served plant-based food. This resulted in a 32% reduction of the CO2 emission and food related emissions per person per day are now down to only 0,98 kg CO2. That’s 88,1% less than the average Dane will emit through food consumption daily.

Recyclability, mobility and certified packaging – more on-going initiatives

The introduction to plant-based food as well as the usage of electricity from the power grid are just two of the many initiatives, we have rolled out in order to promote NorthSide’s green journey. Other initiatives include waste sorting, recyclability, sustainable transport as well as the usage of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in production matters as well as for packaging and promotional material. We have high demands for our partners and suppliers, where the usage of local and sustainable materials of the highest quality is of upmost importance and priority.

The future is green

The green initiatives implemented in 2022 are already a part of the plans for the years to come. We have assured access to the electricity from the city power supply for the future and the plant-based and organic food is also here to stay. We continue setting high demands for our innovative food and drinks suppliers and continue our collaboration with the Danish Vegetarian Association and National Organic Association, which together make up the Plant-based Science Centre.

Facts: Sustainability at NorthSide

  • In 2029, we swapped the disposable plastic cups with reusable cups
  • We became the first plant-based festival in Denmark in 2022
  • From 2022, we have carried out using electricity from the city power supply
  • I 2022, we were awarded as “Best sustainability of the city”, “The Climate Torch” and “The Yearly Organic Award of 2022”
  • Every year, we develop a CO2 investigation in a partnership with A Greener Festival

The NorthSide sustainability report for 2022 can be found here: