With the cancellation from Spanish rapper Morad last week, we are now happy to announce that Noah Carter & Friends will take the stage at NS24 instead.

This March, Carters fans finally had their dream come true, as he dropped the first record in his native tongue, “Noahs Ark”, featuring names from the Danish hiphop-scene including MAS, Gilli, Kesi, Benny Jamz and Hans Philip (of Ukendt Kunstner fame).

Noah Carter burst into the Danish scene way back in 2016 with a slew of hits in English – including “Do You” and “Come Alive” – which manifested his international, R&B-inspired sound.

With the new record as a backdrop – and a long list of friends tagging along – Noah Carter invites you to a hip hop party you don’t want to miss as a NorthSide participant!

Noah Carter and Friends replace Morad on the Echo Stage Saturday June 8th at 9:15 pm.

Haven’t got your ticket yet? Then buy it here: