No less than 6,800 volunteers will participate in the construction of the NS23-area, the implementation of the festival and the after-work. Last year, all the country’s festivals experienced major challenges in connection with the recruitment of volunteers.

Setting up fences, building various areas, putting on wristbands, catering, cleaning up the site, unpacking, etc. The tasks are countless and many hands are needed to lift them in a herd.

After a challenging year on the volunteering front in 2022, the support from the volunteers for this year’s NorthSide is top notch. We can now report a full house and celebrate that 6,800 volunteers have been found.

This shows great support and enthusiasm from the volunteers who want to contribute to the running of the festival.

“We are insanely happy, proud and not least grateful to see so many people who want to help put together the coolest festival experience. Men and women of all ages have signed up this year, and it is a great relief for us to be able to report ‘sold out’ of volunteer positions for this year’s festival, is a huge relief” says Line Marie Bach, Head of Volunteering, DTD Group.

This year, NorthSide will only use a small amount of external recruitment for specific night shifts and warehouse tasks that the festival would like to spare the volunteers for.

Although we are delighted to have all the necessary volunteers, we are still open for registrations. With so many people, there will naturally be a drop-out, which is why there is still the opportunity to become part of the team and create unforgettable moments together. However, a place is not guaranteed at this time.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who have signed up so far, as well as those who plan to sign up. Their commitment and enthusiasm are of crucial importance in creating a unique festival experience for the audience.

For more information or to apply to be part of NorthSide’s volunteer team, please visit the volunteer page.