NorthSide will serve organic vodka and gin from the company behind the popular elderflower drink

The people from Søbogaard har produced popular products like Hyldeblomst, Sjælevarmer, Øcola, and a lot of other delicious products, sodas, juice and a select range of snaps and fruit wine.
This year the company will also be at NorthSide with their own bar in the OutSide area, where they will serve their own products including organic vodka and gin, whose names reflect at the products are 100% organic – DJØN og VØDTKA.

The cooperation comes from the goal of having more organic beverages at NorthSide that are also of high quality. NorthSide already works with Ørbæk and Tuborg, who deliever organic products, and together with Søbogaard the festival should reach 75% organic beverages this year.