The phenomenal band unfolds their magical univers at Ådalen in Aarhus this summer

The further string of amazing artist to play at NorthSide 2016 keeps continues with the addition of Iceland’s biggest band, not just a series of award-winning masterpieces under their belt, but which is also known as a sensational live band.

Sigur Rós is one of the most acclaimed names over the last twenty years and their music represents a completely unique bid of the post-rock-genre. Their special expression is expressed via the Jonsi the leadsinger, who plays guitar with a cellobow, also sings in a mix of Icelandic, English and homemade language Hopelandic. Records like “Ágætis byrjun” and “()” has won international music awards and often appear on lists of the best releases of the ’00s. Words like “magical” and “intoxicating” often appears in their reviews and we look forward to open the doors to their unique univers in Ådalen this summer. 

Sigur Rós plays at NorthSide 2016 Saturday.

This means that we now have twelve artist to play at NorthSide 2016. The preliminary line-up for NorthSide 2016 is: Beach House, Beck, Bernhoft, C Duncan, Luke Graham, Malk de Koijn, Sigur Rós, the minds of 99, Unknown Artist, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Wilco and Yelawolf.