The Swedish world star and pop queen is joined by Spleen United, Franc Moody and Jung.

We started the countdown to NorthSide 2020 with Green Day, Weezer, promising young Danes in the form of Mekdes and Mags and more. Now we are ready with even more acts for the music poster.

In 2014, we experienced Robyn at NorthSide in a true techno-intermezzo in the company of producer duo, Röyksopp. In 2020, Robyn will be performing at NorthSide in her own name for the first time, and we guarantee you will be “dancing on your own” when the uncrowned queen of the dance floor opens up 25 years of utterly formidable songwriting and lots of mega hits. In 2018, the album “Honey” landed with the hit single “Missing U” as a spearhead, and Robyn once again highlighted that she is among the most accomplished and most influential artists on the electro pop stage. We first became acquainted with Robyn in 1995 when the debut album “Robyn Is Here” landed. Hits like “Do You Know (What It Takes)”, “Do You Really Want Me” and “Show Me Love” burst onto the charts of the world, scoring Top 10 rankings on the prestigious US Billboard list among others. In 2005, Robyn got her big, international breakthrough with “With Every Heartbeat” from the record “Robyn”, which was also the launch of the electronic, synth-embossed sound we have since associated with Robyn. In 2010, the trilogy “Body Talk” landed with titles such as “Dancing On My Own” and “Call Your Girlfriend” which need no further introduction.
Robyn will play on Friday, June 

After a six-year musical break, the reunion of Aarhus based Spleen United is not just a reunion, but also a “welcome back” to the band’s original line-up, as we know it from the debut album “Godspeed Into The Mainstream”. In 2013, following a concert at NorthSide, the group announced that they would take a break “indefinitely.” Fortunately, that break is over, and we are proud to welcome Bjarke and Gaute Niemann, Kasper Nørlund, Rune Wehner and Jens Kinch back on stage in Aarhus. In 2005, Spleen United broke through with “Godspeed Into The Mainstream”, and the first single “Heroin Unltd”, which also earned the title of “P3s Uundgåelige”, was strongly followed by hits such as “In Peak Fitness Condition” and “Spleen Utd.” In 2008, the group’s second album “Neanderthal” went straight to first place on the official Danish album hit list, and the band marked themselves as sublime tone and lyric masters on hits such as “Suburbia” and “My Tribe”. In 2012 Spleen United released the musical gem “School of Euphoria” with singles such as “Days Of Thunder” and “Misery”, which features Gitte Nielsen – formerly Stallone – in choir. The album triggered a Danish Music Award for “Danish Rock Release of the Year” as well as the Gaffa Prize for “Danish Electronic Release of the Year”, and now we can in fact say “welcome back” to Spleen United.
Spleen United will play on Saturday, June 6

In 2018, London-based Franc Moody released their first EP “Dance Moves” and since then it has been more than 10 million streams on Spotify, emphasizing that the demand for glitter-filled groove rhythms lives to the best of its ability. The music collective, with Ned Franc and Jon Moody up front, delivers on singles such as “Dopamine”, “Lunar” and precisely the title number “Dance Moves” a solid collection of funk rhythms and guitar riffs, which characterize Franc Moody as their own, though with clear references to both Daft Punk and Jamiroquai.
Franc Moody will play on Saturday, June 6

In September, Gaffa ponited out the single “Hun Kommer Tilbage” from the Danish trio Jung as one of “the best right now”. At the same time, P3 supplemented with the title as “P3s Uundgåelige”, and there is a reason for that. Since the release of the debut single “Jeg Skal Nok Vente” earlier this year, we have been listening carefully to the distinctive and solid lyric universe wrapped in a stylish indie pop universe that characterizes Jung’s music, which besides singer Jonas Jung consists of Sigurd Boesen and Michael Hovmand. The two singles are the only things we’ve heard from Jung at the time of writing, but we expect to hear a lot more from the trio before they step on stage at next year’s NorthSide.
Jung will play on Thursday, June 4

We are proud to present a heavyweight such as Robyn, who manages to gather across both age groups and music tastes, at NorthSide 2020. At the same time, we are very much looking forward to reliving Spleen United in their original, strong form at NorthSide.

NorthSide 2020 will be held in Ådalen, near Aarhus, June 4-6, 2020.

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