Every year, the prestigious A Greener Festival hosts an award show celebrating ambitious sustainability initiatives and green initiatives in the event and festival industry. This year, NorthSide has received a total of four nominations, and we are, of course, very proud of this recognition.

At NorthSide, we prioritize sustainability in all aspects, and our Sustainability Manager, Martin Thim, offers his insight into why we particularly caught the jury’s attention this year:

“There is no doubt that our decision to go plant-based in 2022 has had a significant impact. We are still one of the few major festivals in the world to take this step. So, it is clear that it is something that was noticed and continues to be noticed – internationally as well. That’s why we are nominated in the ‘Greener CATERING‘ category.

Additionally, we have also, once again as one of the few major festivals globally, successfully transitioned from diesel-powered energy to running 100% electric, which is quite an achievement. So, undoubtedly, this also has a very significant positive effect and is the reason we are nominated in the ‘Greener POWER‘ category.”

These two initiatives alone resulted in a CO2 reduction of approximately 30% compared to previous years. So, it has had a very significant impact in that area as well.

Martin Thim further explains:

“In 2023, we also achieved a goal of replacing virtually everything possible in the transport category. By that, I mean that if there is a vehicle equivalent to those we used to use but is electric instead, we have replaced it with a more sustainable solution on the festival grounds. This has landed us in the ‘Greener TRANSPORT‘ category.

Additionally, one of NorthSide’s longstanding focus areas is waste, resource management, and recycling, which is why we are nominated in the ‘CIRCULAR EVENT‘ category. Our new collaboration with Kredsløb and the recycling station has been noticed, something not seen in many other places worldwide. It is a unique partnership that will take us another step towards a waste-free festival in the future.”

Fingers crossed

Based on a thorough sustainability assessment and visits from authorized experts at NorthSide in 2023, we are nominated for a total of four prestigious awards: Greener CATERING, Greener POWER, Greener TRANSPORT, and CIRCULAR EVENT. The awards are expected to be announced on February 27, 2024, in London. We are keeping our fingers crossed.