After a five-year break from their joint musical project, the time has finally come for Kashmir to step on stage again.

Earlier this year, the band announced two individual concerts in Royal Arena and Jyske Bank Boxen, and now we are pleased and proud to announce that Kashmir will play one of two exclusive festival concerts at NorthSide in 2020.

At NorthSide we have been looking forward to the day when it was time for a festival reunion with Kashmir for several years, because very few can fill that void and embrace the audience like we know Kashmir can.

Kashmir is one of the country’s most important and popular rock bands of all time, and Kasper Eistrup, Mads Tunebjerg, Asger Techau and Henrik Lindstrand have jointly created a legendary back catalog. They also have a very special bond with their fans who can now look forward to a journey through the aforementioned back catalog at the coming year’s concerts.

Kashmir will play Saturday June 6 at NorthSide 2020.

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