When NorthSide 2022 kicks off on the 2nd to 4th of June, all food for both guests, artists, and volunteers will be plant-based and 100% ecological. The initiative strives to make the festival experience greener while taking the guests on a tasteful journey into the future of gastronomic adventures.

In 2022, the guests at NorthSide can once again expect to find themselves in the center of a sustainable quantum leap, when the annual menu will show a 100% ecological and plant-based selection of gastronomic festival evergreens combined with new exciting options:

“NorthSide is continuously working on raising the bar for sustainability. In 2014, we launched our first ecological beer in collaboration with Tuborg. In 2019, we removed all disposable plastic cups and stopped all sale of bottled water, and in 2022, plant-based food follows the transition to 100% green energy,” Festival Director of NorthSide, Brian Nielsen, says.

He continues:

“It’s in the DNA of NorthSide that there’s space and anticipation for us to pave the way for inspiration. Both when it comes to new music but also new sustainable initiatives like going plant-based. We strive to always surprise, challenge and take the lead, and to serve plant-based food is a natural next step on our journey towards more sustainability. It’s the future of food,” he says.

On this initiative, the festival has collaborated with The Vegetarian Society of Denmark and Organic Denmark, who’re behind The Plant-based Knowledge Centre, and they applaud the new direction for the food selection at NorthSide:

“When NorthSide decides to make the food at the festival plant-based and 100% ecological, they also send an important message that the future needs to be greener. One of the most important things that we, as individuals, can do for the climate is to eat greener and cut down on animal products; if we, simultaneously, choose ecological products, we’re also part of securing our groundwater, better conditions for animals, and a richer bio diversity in and surrounding the fields. NorthSide has taken the lead and has once again shown that they’re willing to take responsibility for a green conversion – this time by making visible that our eating habits are an essential part of the solution towards a more sustainable future,” Katrine Ejlerskov, Centre Leader of the Plant-based Knowledge Centre, says.

Festival favorites taking new shapes

Moving forward, NorthSide will collaborate with its food stands to develop delicious and delicate food that can inspire and challenge the attendee’s experiences with food. NorthSide is the first Danish festival to only serve plant-based food, and the festival will be launching the new food menu and serving a first taste of the new initiative once we get closer to the festival.

The last partout tickets for NorthSide will go on sale 1st of November at 10 am

An overwhelming amount of festival guests decided to hold on to their tickets from the cancelled years 2020 and 2021. The support means the world to NorthSide but as a consequence, there aren’t many tickets left for the festival. The announcement of the first musical acts will be leading up to the 1st of November when the last partout tickets will go on sale at 10 am.

Facts on ”a plant-based meal”

– The Plant-based Knowledge Centre defines a plant-based meal as “a meal that is based on plants and can be supplemented with a small amount of animal products”.

– NorthSide has left out all meat and fish in their meals and will only use a maximum of 15% cheese, egg or mayonnaise per portion.

– Meals that are vegetarian or vegan will be clearly marked.

Facts on sustainability on NorthSide

– In 2019, NorthSide exchanged all disposable plastic cups with cups made of reusable plastic

– The festival is the first in Denmark to be plant-based from 2022.

– From 2022, NorthSide will be carried out using 100% green energy.

– Every year, NorthSide is developing a CO2 analysis in collaboration with A Greener Festival.

Photo credit: Christian Mørkeberg