The last round of announcements of the year also include The Kills, Mando Diao, and Off Bloom

Tickets for NorthSide 2017 are flying off the shelves at a record setting pace and with the addition of five strong acts the route towards a sold out festival just got a lot shorter.

NME just named The 1975’ second album, “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It”, as Album of the Year and with singles like “Love Me” and “The Sound”, who could blame them? The band has a great ability to make tremendously catchy hits, which was already evident on the million-selling debut album, and it’s sure to become a massive party, when the popular Brits hit the stage at NorthSide.
The 1975 play Sunday at NorthSide 2017

A guaranteed entertaining show is coming, when Les Claypool brings the six-string bass and the rest of Primus with him to Aarhus. The band has through four decades delivered crazy, inventive, funny, and experimental funk metal and albums like “Sailing the Seas of Cheese” and “Pork Soda” are classics in the field of alternative rock.
The experienced masters of Primus are joined by the new Danish shooting stars in Off Bloom. The trio were a surprise act at this year’s P3 Guld Award Show with their hit “Love To Hate It,” and we look forward to being able to present this brand new act at NorthSide this summer.
Primus and Off Bloom will play Friday at NorthSide 2017

We’re also adding hefty garage rock to the program as both The Kills and Mando Diao will set sail for NorthSide. Swedish rockers Mando Diao debuted in 2002; a year before The Kills were ready with the raw and minimalist “Keep on Your Mean Side.” Both groups have over the years evolved in new directions, but common for both are strong back catalogues, plenty of vitality, and an intensity that we look forward to experiencing on our stages.
The Kills will play Saturday, and Mando Diao will play Sunday at NorthSide 2017

The following acts have been released for NorthSide 2017: Radiohead, Frank Ocean, Run The Jewels, Bastille, The 1975, Primus, The Kills, Thomas Helmig, MØ, Veronica Maggio, Mando Diao, Phlake, Liss, Bisse, and Off Bloom.