Lead the way! Lead the way! Our many fantastic partners each play an important role in us being able to pursue our sustainability ambitions and in the NS machine running smoothly this year. Therefore, a big thank you to …

Tuborg for bars, seating areas and festival environments from the top shelf – in addition to, of course, lovely mouth-watering cold beers on tap.

Audi for world-class electric artist driving.

v Europcar for efficient electric cars and electric vans for settlement.

FSC for knowledgeable guidance.

Geberit for enjoyable luxury toilets.

Kredsløb for the loan of the recycling site and to revitalize beer pong with their waste-sorting-pong.

L’Oréal Paris for focusing attention on harassment in the nightlife.

Nordea for contributing to less queues and a good atmosphere with smart payments.

OK for delivering green power and charging stations for music and logistics.

Peter Larsen Kaffe for tasty shots of caffeine in the wee hours.

Plantmate for nutritious protein-rich ingredients for our plant-based festival.

Plantebaseret Videnscenter for good advice and expertise.

Superwood for the World’s Best Board for building bars.

Trælasten for focusing on the communities of the future.

Urtekram for the inviting and fragrant toilet areas.

Østjysk Vinforsyning for a lot of tasty eco-wine and bubbles.

And last but not least – thanks to Aarhus Municipality for the loan of the fantastic Eskelunden.

See you in 2024!