This summer only credit cards will be accepted as payment at the festival

The days of lugging cash to NorthSide are over. For the first time this year, it will only be possible to pay with credit and debit cards at NorthSide, which will provide better service and fewer cues in stalls and bars.

The problems with the payment system at NorthSide in 2014 resulted in the festival investing in a new system, which instead of being dependent on new technology uses an existing and popular system – the credit card.

The new system was launched in 2015 in collaboration with DK Online and OnlinePOS and was tested with great success at NorthSide, Tinderbox, GrimFest, and Grøn Koncert, and we’re now ready to relaunch NorthSide as a cashles festival.

– The decision is all about safety and speed. Experience shows that transactions with cards goes much faster than with cash, and if you have one of the new contactless cards with an NFC chip, it goes very quickly indeed because you don’t need to enter your pin number. 2015 was the year we tested our new system, and that has given us the necessary conviction that we have a reliable system that meets our desire to offer our guests a free payment system, which they are all familiar with. We are confident that with the new system can provide better and faster service on the festival grounds than before, said spokesman for NorthSide, John Fogde.

To assist international guests we will of course accept international credit card in the stalls and bars, and they should have brought only cash, it will be possible for them and all others to exchange them for temporary value cards, which will be valid payment everywhere at NorthSide. Exchanges to the temporary value cards can also be made using MobilePay.

Visit for more about benefits of the cashless payment system at NorthSide.