The iconic art installation The Orb by BIG to become new NorthSide landmark

With a mirrored surface and a diameter of 25 meters, the Orb will rise as an inevitable landmark for NorthSide when the festival opens its gates to the new site, Eskelunden, on the 2nd to 4th of June 2022. In collaboration with Tuborg, BIG’s inflatable mirror sphere will become a visual symbol of the festival’s return with a sharpened focus on sustainability.

Raised five meters above the ground, The Orb will be seen as a mirror globe hovering over Eskelunden where NorthSide will be taking place for the first time in 2022. With its mirrored surface, the piece reflects an image of the surrounding world back to the spectator. It’s an all-encompassing experience aimed at making the festival attendee stop and contemplate:

– Since 2010, we’ve worked intensely with making NorthSide the heart of sustainable initiatives within the field of international festivals. We do so by taking tangible and measurable actions like running all of NorthSide 2022 on 100% green energy and adding artistic means like The Orb. The goal is to make all of us stop and remember that we need to take care of each other and the world around us, Peter Skoven, Director of Atmosphere at NorthSide, states.

Sustainable initiatives blossom with Tuborg
It’s the festival’s continuing partnership with Tuborg that lay the groundwork for this spectacular art installation to rise at NorthSide.

– When The Orb was first presented at the festival Burning Man in Black Rock Dessert in Nevada 2018, the thought of the art piece being tailored for NorthSide instantly hit Tuborg. Since then, we’ve worked hard on getting The Orb to NorthSide. The fact that we succeeded in doing so emphasizes a strong partnership leading to actual meaningful and sustainable actions being taken, Peter Skoven says.

The partnership between NorthSide and Tuborg started out in 2014. Since then, the partnership has led to the development of the first ecological Tuborg beer, RÅ, as well as the introduction of reusable plastic cups.

– After three years of really missing NorthSide, we can’t wait to see NorthSide 2022 take shape in the new festival site and we’re extremely proud of the fact that our strong collaboration has made it possible for us to add The Orb as a landmark. There’s no doubt that The Orb will make an impression with the attendees at the festival and we believe it’s a great way to mark our extended partnership with NorthSide, says Christopher Bak Billing, Director of Sponsorships at Tuborg

In New York, where Bjarke Ingels Group is located, partner, Jakob Lange, is also looking forward to finally see The Orb on Danish soil:

– We’re excited to see all the life that The Orb will attract and reflect in its new home at NorthSide. With The Orb, “NorthSiders” will gain a brand-new perspective on the art, architecture, the energy, and the social interactions at the festival, says Jakob Lange, BIG.

Remaining tickets will be put into sale on November 1st 10am CET.
An overwhelming amount of festival guests decided to hold on to their tickets from the cancelled years 2020 and 2021. The support means the world to NorthSide but as a consequence, there won’t be many tickets left, when the ticket sale starts on November 1st at 10am.

Facts on The Orb

– The Orb has the exact size of the earth divided by 500.000.

– It has a diameter of 25,5 meters and is placed 5 meters above the surface of the earth with a gradient of 21 degrees – which (with irregularities) corresponds to the earth’s axis inclination around the sun.

– The Orb is placed on a 32-meter-tall mast.

– It is reflecting its surroundings and will show a mini version of NorthSide when the spectator stands beneath it.

– The Orb has an inner layer of PVC and an outer layer of the mirrored surface.

– It is created by Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange for Burning Man in 2018.

– The acquisition of The Orb is financed in collaboration with Tuborg and will be a returning component of NorthSide moving forward.