Tina Dickow will perform the classic album ”Count to Ten” at her home field, Suspekt returns with their amazing live show and new stars Chinah, IAMJJ and Saveus will deliver new tunes

At the moment names like Radiohead, Frank Ocean, Run the Jewels, The Prodigy, Bastille and The 1975 are in the headlines, when the programme for Northside 2017 is in the media. But as always the great international programme at Ådalen will be presented together with a long and strong collection of Danish names. Tina Dickow, amazing Suspekt and the three new shooting stars Chinah, IAMJJ and Saveus will be joining Mø, Thomas Helmig and the other Danish names in the last round of announcements before this year’s poster presentation.

In 2007 Tina Dickow released the album ”Count to Ten”, which was the follow-up to the double platin success-album ”In the Red”. The album was possibly an even greater success with hits such as ”On the Run” and ”Sacre Coeur” and won both GAFFA-awards and Kronprinseparrets Kulturpris.

This year to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the popular album Tina Dickow plays all of ”Count to Ten” at her home field of Aarhus, where her career began back in 1998 not far from Ådalen. Tina Dickow has only played NorthSide once before, back in 2011. So it is a long awaited reunion and with the anniversary of the appraised album the timing could not be better.

Suspekt blew the roof off NorthSide in 2012 where the group’s staggering concert with hits as ”Klaus Pagh” and ”Sut den op fra slap” also contained Jägerbombs, fire and stripping nuns. Since then the album ”V” has been released and the long awaited album ”100% Jesus” lands on February 17. So the combination of new hits and an unpredictable but without doubt insane show is definitely worth looking forward to.

It was kind of a sensation when SAVEUS performed with the song ”Levitate Me” at P3 Guld in 2015, and since then Martin Hedegaard has extended the success with the single ”Everchanging” and the EP, ”Will Somebody Save Us”. SAVEUS has also been playing concerts around Europe together with the band Years & Years but the busyness has meant few danish shows. Chinah also received acclaim at P3-Guld when they last year was given P3 Talentet after the hits ”Can’t Remember How It Feels” and ”Away From Me”. The electronical trio is also in heavy rotation at P6 BEAT who back in december presented IAMJJ at their yearly concert in DR Koncerthuset. The young singer- songwriter draws on classical songwriting from legends such as Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, and despite his young age he has a characteristic and raw voice, that can stand the comparisons.

Single-day tickets to NorthSide sold out last week and that means that three-day tickets are the only remaining ticket type. The ticket pace is historically fast and already more three-day tickets have been sold this year than all of NorthSide 2016.

NorthSide 2017 can be experienced on the 9th-11th of June at Ådalen in Aarhus and tickets are available here