Make your festival experience a bit more practical by booking one of our lockers to store your belongings. Pre-book a locker now to make sure you don’t have to carry your backpack, extra clothes, spare sunglasses, and whatever else is on your list of festival must-haves.

There will be unlimited acces to the lockers during the opening hours – including for 45 minutes after the last act is done Saturday night. You’ll get your own PIN code for the locker that can easily be shared with friends and family.

Three types of lockers

You can choose between three types when you book:

  • Extra large: Holds 6-8 jackets or 2 backpacks. The locker measures 43cm x 22.5cm x 43cm (height/width/depth)
  • Medium: Holds 3-4 jackets or 1 backpack. The locker measures 22.3cm x 21.5cm x 43cm (height/width/depth)
  • Medium Low: This locker is the same size as a medium locker, but you have to bend down to get to it 

    There are also lockers with USB ports for charging phones or other devices, but these only come in the medium variant.

How much does it cost?

The price for a locker is:

  • Extra large: 125 kr. per day
  • Medium: 80 kr. per day (Medium with USB socket: 90 kr. per day)
  • Medium low: 80 kr. per day

Where are the lockers located?

All lockers are located at the main entrance.

Book now or at the festival site

You can book a locker now to make sure it’s ready when you arrive. You can book for individual days or for all three days. Click the button below to book right away.

You can also book a locker when you arrive at the festival site. All major credit cards are accepted.