In 2022, NorthSide took place at the new venue, Eskelunden, for the first time. That presented a few challenges that we will do everything to avoid this year. Therefore, we have taken several measures to ensure that our guests have a great festival with easy entry and exit, fewer queues, a less crowded venue, and better transportation options.

Limited audience capacity

Last year was a record year with more than 40,000 guests on the site. This year, NorthSide will slightly limit the audience capacity so that only 35,000 will be admitted to avoid crowding and queues.

More staff at entrances and exits

NorthSide is increasing the staff at the entrances and exits of the festival and the venue’s security staff. The increased staffing should reduce the waiting time when the festival opens and enhance the security conditions when guests leave the venue after the last concert.

Åhavevej will be closed

We have made an agreement with Aarhus Municipality, Aarhus Police, and Aarhus Fire Brigade that makes it possible to close Åhavevej in the hours following the last concert. This is done to create a significantly larger exit area for the audience. Åhavevej is an adjacent main road to Eskelunden, and it will be reopened when the crowds are gone.

Taxis in Tøndergade

If you prefer to arrive or depart by taxi, you can find a taxi in Tøndergade where there will be a dedicated zone for pick-up and drop-off. Tøndergade is just a 10-minute walk from the venue (see map below).

Shuttle buses at Circle K

When it’s time to go home, guests can jump on a shuttle bus every 10 minutes from the nearby Cirkle K on Skanderborgvej. The shuttle buses run on Thursday from 9.00 p.m. to 2.00 a.m. and on Friday/Saturday from 22.00-03.00. (See map below)

Room for 25,000 bicycles

If you ride your bike to the festival (a sustainable choice, which we of course recommend), there is more good news. This year, nine areas will be dedicated to bicycle parking, with a total capacity of 25,000 bicycles. The bicycle parking spaces are marked with a unique number and color combination so that you can easily find your bicycle again after a long day at the festival. Volunteers and security personnel are ready to guide guests in the area, both on arrival and departure. (See map below)

Redesigned Electra stage

In addition to the improvements to the venue, the audience can also look forward to a redesigned Electra stage. The electronic stage is now roofed, making it more intimate with a clubby feeling. This also reduces the sound pressure that bothered some neighbors and other concerts on the site last year.