NorthSide is proud to announce the return of The Minds of 99 to this year’s festival!

All year around, NorthSide fans have had the opportunity to tell us which artists they’d love to see at this year’s festival, and The Minds of 99 is the band appearing in most of your wishes. Well, Christmas comes early this year!

The Danish band started their musical journey back in 2014. With hard work, an impressive catalogue of bulletproof songs, and a history of mind-blowing concerts, The Minds of 99 has earned a reputation as the most popular band in Denmark right now.

The five childhood friends from The Minds of 99 have a row of gold and platinum certified singles and albums on their resume that also counts an impressive five Danish Music Awards, one P3 Gold Prize and nine GAFFA Awards – to name just a few of their accomplishments.

However, the biggest proof of The Minds of 99’s popularity isn’t the number of awards that some industry dudes wanted them to have but their 178 million streams in a country of six million people – and the fact that they managed to sell out a 50.000 cap show in the Danish national stadium right after playing in front of 80.000 people on a national arena tour.

If you’re wondering what this kind of success sounds like, The Minds of 99 manages to match poetry and simple storytelling with brilliant pop melodies and bombastic rock soundscapes.

Since you’re reading this in English, you might not know what the band’s charismatic lead singer Niels Brandt is singing (most of their songs are in Danish), but it doesn’t matter. The second you feel the exchange of energies happening at a Minds of 99 concert, you’ll get what the buzz is all about.