We’re in the middle of a burger revolution and that’ll be clear at NorthSide

There are constantly opening new burger joints up around the country, and many of them offer a delicious and modern alternative to the classic Big Burger with burger dressing.

The last two years at NorthSide the official NorthSide Burger supplied by Djurs Festival Food has not only has been certified with an organic silver brand, but has also been a particularly tasty hit among the visitors.

This summer’s the NorthSide Burger is obviously back on the menu, and as we right now seems to stand in the middle of a burger revolution we will expanded that part of the menu with a Wild Life Burger, Sliders, a Porchetta Burger, and burgers from Tommi’s Burger Joint.

So there will be plenty of options for the hungry burger aficionado and like everything else at NorthSide all burgers will be 90-100% organic. Enjoy!