• Saturday
  • 15:15 – 16:30

They’re one of the best tipped new acts to come out of Denmark right now and are included in several best-of-the-year lists from 2022. 

Zar Paulo hails from Aarhus and has not only taken their hometown by storm, but the whole country. 

Their debut record Elendig Software (Crappy Software) from 2022 showed their hyper, genre-bending sound mixing rock and pop with untraditional lyrics that really make you listen. All in a high-energy universe sounding like nothing you’ve heard before. 

They’re not only praised by music critics for their record and radio hit singles, but also for their explosive live performances. It’s never boring when Zar Paulo take the stage and channel their energy onto the audience. It’s fun. It’s sweaty. It’s memorable as f*ck.

Do yourself a favor and check out Zar Paulo once you have the chance. We have a strong feeling you’ll appreciate being able to say: ”I saw them first” in a few years. 

Zar Paulo will play Saturday June 3 at NorthSide 2023.