• Thursday
  • 16:00 – 17:30

The Danish artist WALTHER will be opening ELECTRA at this year’s NorthSide. 

He’s worked as a DJ for eight years and has been composing, producing, and releasing music for the past five years, leading him to places like Defected at Ibiza and the famous Coma parties in Denmark. 

He had a brilliant summer last year when his and OliO’s remix of Jacob Gurevitsch’s “Melancholia” featuring flamenco-singer Concha Buika became the most played downtempo track at Ibiza.

Following the success of ”Melancholia”, he spent most parts of the winter in the studio where he produced more than 30 songs featured on over seven records by artists like DJ Valentin Huedo, Islandman, Kenneth Bager, Be.Lanuit, Ambala, and many more!

WALTHER will play Thursday at NorthSide 2023.