• Friday
  • 23:00 – 00:00
  • NOVA

Sko/Torp was indisputably one of the most successful acts of the 90s. 

The duo came from – what seemed like – out of nowhere with their pleasant Americana and folk-infused singer-songwriting, presented on their 1990 debut record On A Long Lonely Night.  

With its organic and balanced sound, the record was an instant hit and became the best-selling Danish debut album with 200.000 sold units. Just one year later, Sko/Torp received a Danish Music Award (The Danish GRAMMYs) for ‘New Artist of the Year’, while singer Søren Sko was praised for his vocal craft as ‘Singer of the Year’. 

Several more successful years followed with even more successful records, but in 1997, the duo took a break to focus on other projects. 13 years later, they reunited and came out with the record Heartland followed by two more releases in 2016 and 2018. 

Previously, the duo has toured with a laid-back acoustic show, but when they hit NorthSide this summer it will be with a full band. Get ready for a trip down memory lane with Sko/Torp!

Sko/Torp will play Friday June 2 at NorthSide 2023.