• Friday
  • 14:00 – 15:00
  • ECHO

Honesty is the most important ingredient, when Pil Jeppesen writes the relatable Danish pop songs that she’s been releasing under her first name Pil since 2018.  

With her music she wants to create a safe space for all the emotions everyone has but no one talks about. It could be the feeling of standing on a vibrant dance floor surrounded by people and yet still feeling lonely. Or the feeling of looking at your close friend and wanting to be just like her. Life can’t be perfect all the time, and neither can we – no matter how much we try to make it seem like we are. That’s the hard reality of life that Pil embraces in her songs, and she does it in a way that can make you both cry, laugh, dance, or just close your eyes for a moment and breath out. 

Pil released her debut record last year and kicked off 2023 with a sold-out show at the iconic VEGA Main Hall in Copenhagen.

It’s hard not to get captivated by Pil’s amazing songwriting and beautiful melodies and we can’t wait to present her this year at NorthSide!

Pil will play Friday June 2 at NorthSide 2023.