• Thursday
  • 23:30 – 00:30
  • NOVA

Danish music media GAFFA calls ARY’s debut record For Evig (which means Forever) a beautiful album in their 6-star review and compare her to other conceptual, innovative Scandinavian artists Susanne Sundfør, Agnes Obel and Emilie Nicolas.  

With For Evig ARY balances emotional, heartbreaking ballads with pulsating club-beats topped by her incredible voice. 

ARY isn’t new on the Scandinavian music scene. The Norwegian singer, producer, and songwriter first amazed fans with her hard-hitting electro-pop back in 2015. Her career grew rapidly and, in the years to follow, she gained millions of listeners from all over the world, played more than 200 shows, and visited festivals like Glastonbury, Pitchfork and Øya.

But it got to a point, where she had to take a step back and re-connect with the core of her music. She also realized that she had to learn how to produce to get the exact sound she wanted. Most importantly, and unbearably life changing, ARY lost her twin brother during the process. 

For Evig is the emotional and creative output of all those things. Of ARY finding her own sound and producing the whole record herself with spell-binding songs about love, loss, and grief, and the acceptance of the fact that the grief will last forever. 

Besides from the record, ARY has also seen recent praise for her live performances, and we can’t wait for her to share it with us all at NorthSide! 

ARY will play Thursday June 1 at NorthSide 2023.